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Xhtmlchop Detailed Process

  • 1.

    Once the customers have placed an order on our website, they will receive a confirmation email from us. In this e-mail, all the necessary information will be included.

  • 2.

    Our support team will make sure that the required details are entailed with the order. In case some information is missing, they will ask the client to provide them with the additional information.

  • 3.

    The Support team will then assign the order to the project manager.

  • 4.

    With the help of the updated information, the project manager will conduct a thorough investigation of the design as well as the client’s requirements. If the project manager has some queries, they may contact the clients with the questions so that the project can proceed without any hitches. (The manager would also investigate implementation, if any.)

  • 5.

    In the next stage, the project manager will arrange the order which will be passed to a markup-developer. The professional will code the HTML and CSS accurately.

  • 6.

    Once the markup is completed, the trained and experienced developer will forward the final copy to the QA-team for testing.

  • 7.

    They will examine the markup systematically in all the supported web browsers,resulting in fixes developed by the markup-developer.

  • 8.

    After the approval of the mark-up, our team will upload the results in a zipped format in the thread, where the client had placed the order.

  • 9.

    In case of the inclusion of implementation, our experts will confirm the markup with the client. Later, it will be passed to the Implementation Department.

  • 10.

    Once it is ready, the Implementation Department will either upload the completed theme to the client area or install it to the client's server, once approved.

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