Xchop is your trusted partner for all your VueJs Development needs. We have a highly experienced team of VueJS development experts who will be engaged to take care of your requirements. We will be able to take care of all your needs from the simplest to the most complex requirements.

Just get in touch with us your requirements and we will take care of the rest.

VueJS Development

VueJS is an open-source Javascript technology that is becoming increasingly popular in the field of Single Page Application development. This technology is fast replacing the earlier technologies such as Angular.JS and React.JS as it is more robust and more flexible when compared to the earlier technologies. If you are looking for the best open source Javascript technology for building eCommerce applications, then VueJs is the best option. This technology is already very widely used in a number of niches including but not limited to online ecommerce portals, education, wealth management, health and lifestyle portals.

VueJS Development

Highly secure

When you are building an application, it would be rendered useless if it is not safe. Along these lines, VueJs comes with exceptional security features.


Highly Flexible

VueJs is very flexible not only for the developers but also for the end users which enables the customers to get just about any feature they want in their application.


Highly Stable

Apps built using this technology are highly stable, and this makes the VueJs based apps highly reliable.


Fast Integration

VueJs is not only flexible, but it is also easy to integrate with the existing system seamlessly.


Two-way Data Binding

This ensures faster implementation and on-time delivery of error free applications.

Industry Experience

Xchop comes with an indubitable advantage of 12+ years of solid industry experience! You just need to name your needs and our experts will take care of your requirements in the most impressive and cost-effective way possible.

  • Single Page Custom App Development

    Fully customizable single page app development that meets all your requirements.

  • Video Streaming App Development

    We build fast video streaming apps to help you capture the potential of this fast growing online video segment.

  • Robust User Interface App Development

    We take care of all types of user interface (UI) development needs.

  • Third Party Integration

    We ensure seamless third party integration covering a diverse range of integration situations.

  • Web Portal Development

    Development of simple to the most complex web portal development using VueJs.

  • Music Streaming App Development

    Music Streaming is yet another fast growing segment and we can create highly reliable music streaming apps with VueJs

  • Reusable Component Development

    By building reusable components with VueJs you will be able to reduce the overall development costs on the long run.

  • Maintenance and Support

    To ensure end to end services to our customers, we offer ongoing VueJs maintenance and support to our customers.

  • 1

    Do you have experienced VueJs developers?

    Yes, all our developers come with a minimum of 5 years of general web programming and web development experience and at least one year experience with VueJs.

  • 2

    Will I be able to interview the VueJs developer you would be assigning to handle my development project?

    Don’t worry, we have carefully hand-picked VueJs developers. You do not have to go through the trouble of screening the developers. We will assign the best suited VueJs developer for your needs. You may not be able to directly interview the VueJs developer as per our company policy.

  • 3

    Will you assign a project manager to take care of my VueJs development project?

    Yes. We will assign a dedicated project manager for your VueJs development needs. Your project manager will liaise between you and your development team at Xchop.

  • 4

    Will you be able to get started with VueJs development right away or will there be a long wait before you get started with my project?

    Yes. We will get started with the project immediately. There will be no long wait. We have a large team of VueJs developers to take care of your requirements immediately.

  • 5

    How can I get in touch with the development team?

    You can correspond with your project manager directly who will be your single point of contact. Your project manager will be accessible through email, phone and chat.

  • 6

    Will I get regular updates?

    Yes. Your project manager will be responsible for sending you with regular updates all through the development of your application.

  • 7

    How much do you charge for VueJs development services?

    Please send us your requirements. Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a custom quote. Do not worry, we are one of the most affordably priced VueJs development service providers in the industry.

  • 8

    How long will your team take to develop the apps based on VueJs?

    Please send us your detailed project specifications based on which will provide you with the actual timeline for the completion of the work. We assure you the fastest turnaround times.

  • 9

    Do you also take care of the integration of the VueJs apps you build for us?

    Yes. Our team will provide you with all the support and documentation that you need for seamless integration of the apps we develop for you. You will get complete integration support from our team.

  • 10

    What kind of support can I expect from you?

    Xchop takes pride in offering outstanding support for its customers. We offer 24x7 support and we are truly available 24x7. You will not have any issues reaching our support team. All your queries and concerns will be addressed promptly in the most hassle free way.

Our Clients

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  • Scott Cain

    " We have used Xchop for over three years and their service and delivery has been nothing short of excellent. We recommend using Xchop for all agencies looking for quick turnaround and great work. "

    — Scott Cain, Happy xChop Customer
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    "For years, XChop has provided our web firm the capability and expertise to grow and expand our client base and available online services. Offering solid and reliable design-to-build skills, XChop has allowed us to focus on client service, and the more intensive coding work that prior to XChop required us to hire and manage additional resources. Quick turn-around time, competitive pricing, and a responsive team has us coming back again and again."

    Desiree Cole - Happy xChop Customer