What is Node.JS

Xhtmlchop brings premier Node.JS development services that are designed to cater to your futuristic back-end development solutions with super-advanced capabilities and features.


Node.JS is an asynchronous event driven framework. With the help of Node.JS has been designed keeping scalability in mind while building network applications. This framework beats the inefficiency and the complexity of thread-based networking framework. This framework uses non-blocking operational model which makes scalability a natural feature of Node.JS.


Using Node.JS it is possible to develop fast web servers using JavaScript. It is open sourced under BSD so it is built on the Google V8 JavaScript Engine. No other framework is as fast as Node.JS and it seamlessly fits with HTTP, DNS and TCP.


It is very reliable for building both server-side applications and server-side applications. It is compatible with all leading OS frameworks including Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X. As it provides access to an extensive range of JavaScript modules, web application development is simplified.

Incomparable Node.JS Development Services

  • Node.JS mobile app development
  • Node.JS interactive app development
  • Node.JS web app development
  • Node.JS back-end development
  • On the fly analytics
  • Node.JS Customization solutions
  • Node.JS UX design
  • Node.JS CMS development
  • Advanced Node.JS web app development
  • Node.JS widget and plugin development
  • Chatbot development
  • Node.JS eCommerce solutions

Why Choose XhtmlChop for Node.JS development?

Our solutions keep you one-step ahead of the competition and we keep you stay ahead of the latest technology.


Mandatory On-The-Job Training

Mandatory technology training to all the developers keep them abreast with the trends in the technology front enabling us to provide you with the best solutions possible.


Dependable In-house Team

We have a large team of fully qualified, experienced and dedicated developers to who will ensure outstanding services and solutions.


Seamless Communication Cycle

You will be kept in the loop throughout the development process. We have highly streamlined correspondence cycle to make certain you are kept up to date with the status updates so that you enjoy complete peace of mind throughout the development process.


Handpicked Team Developers

We go for the best talents available in the industry and ensure the highest retention rate in the industry to provide you the most dependable solutions.


Safe Practices

NDA signed for every project and the project details are guarded with stringent NDA policy guidelines. You are 100% safe with us.


Exposure To Diverse Niches

Our team has been exposed to programming and development requirements from diverse niche industries delivering highly robust solutions. We can replicate the same level of success with your requirements too regardless of your niche industry.

Our Process

We have highly streamlined development processes which has been tested and proven through our vast experience dealing with diverse requirements. Our development process has the following steps:

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Budget Planning and
Milestone Setting

Step 4

Project commencement
and Completion

Technologies Leveraged In Node.JS Development

Our highly proficient team of developers and programmers use a diverse range of technologies to provide you with cutting-edge solutions.

























  • 1

    Do you offer both Node.JS mobile and web app development services?

    Yes, we offer both mobile and web app development services and solutions so that you can have all your Node.JS development needs met under one roof.

  • 2

    Do you have an in-house team of Node.JS development experts?

    Yes, we have a very skilled in-house team of Node.JS developers who will be engaged on your projects.

  • 3

    Will you be able to take up our project immediately or will there be a long waiting period before the project is launched?

    Yes, we are well staffed, and it is possible to roll-out your project immediately upon completing the requirements analysis and the initial project formalities.

  • 4

    Will there be a dedicated project manager during the development phase?

    Yes, you will be assigned with a dedicated project manager who will be your one point contact making the entire process easy and completely hassle free.

  • 5

    How long do you offer support to Node.JS project development?

    We will provide you with all the support you need not only during the development phase but also during the app launch phase. If required we will be happy to extend on-going support at a very nominal charge based on your requirements.

  • 6

    What is the experience level of your programmers and developers?

    All our developers come with a total programing and development experience of 5 years or more.

  • 7

    Will there be any hidden charges over the Node.JS project development quote?

    No, absolutely not! You just need to pay exactly what is indicated in the quote and there will be no further charges in any form whatsoever as long as the project requirements remains the same without any alterations.

  • 8

    What if the scope of the requirements should change after the commencement of Node.JS development project?

    We do allow changes to the scope of the requirements. With every change to the initial agreed project scope, the costs and the timeline factors will be revisited and agreed upon before implementing the modifications to the requirements.

Our Clients

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  • Scott Cain

    " We have used Xchop for over three years and their service and delivery has been nothing short of excellent. We recommend using Xchop for all agencies looking for quick turnaround and great work. "

    — Scott Cain, Happy xChop Customer
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    "For years, XChop has provided our web firm the capability and expertise to grow and expand our client base and available online services. Offering solid and reliable design-to-build skills, XChop has allowed us to focus on client service, and the more intensive coding work that prior to XChop required us to hire and manage additional resources. Quick turn-around time, competitive pricing, and a responsive team has us coming back again and again."

    Desiree Cole - Happy xChop Customer