PSD to Drupal Development Features

  • Content Publishing

    Drupal allows easy content management system for publishing and managing the content without any experienced webmaster.


    Our Drupal coding involve using CSS Preprocessors to maintain the coding standards. Let us know your preferences and we take care of the implementation.

  • Advanced Search

    Drupal’s powerful content search tool will work wonders for your site.

  • Modules

    An array of Drupal modules will be integrated by our team.

  • SEO Semantic Markup

    Our flawless PSD to Drupal conversion services allows SEO optimized themes and provide cross browser compatibility.

  • Support

    Our active support team is always ready to answer your queries and assist you in finding the status of your project instantaneously.

Optional Features

  • Page Speed Optimization

    At Xchop, we minify the scripts such that the page speed & performance of the website is improved.

  • Iphone, Ipad, Android Device Compatibility

    At Xchop we manage the device compatibility for your website such that the website appears same on devices of different sizes.

  • jQuery Implementation

    Select the jquery implementation if your website layout requires it.

  • Retina Display Compatibility

    To render high quality image in apple device select this feature.

  • sIFR/Cufon/@font-face Implementation

    Font as per recommendation will be implemented.

Why choose team xchop ?

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Highest Quality Markup
  • Latest Browser Compatibility
  • 365 Days Free Support

Some things we’ve done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a comprehensive F.A.Q. on the topic of Drupal Web Design. We hope this will help you decide whether this is a valid solution for you. For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email at OR contact us.

  • 1. What is Drupal?
    • A

      Drupal is an open-source platform and content management system. It allows you to build, dynamic, highly functional websites that offer a broad range of features, including:

      • User administration
      • Easy publishing workflow
      • Discussion capabilities
      • News aggregation
      • Metadata functionalities
      • XML publishing (for content sharing purposes)

      Drupal’s powerful blend of features and configuring allows you to create a wide range of web projects, including everything from a small private blog to a large user-driven community site. Find out more at :

  • 2. Is Drupal the right CMS for my needs?
    • A

      The best way to determine that is to see if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

      • Do you need a site that is flexible enough to evolve in any direction? For example, if you start with a blog, do you want the option to add other features like eCommerce and forums?
      • Do you need a site that can easily be configured to interact with other sites or other platforms?
      • Do you need a site that can handle complex forms? Workflows?
      • Do you need the ability to create your own content types—for example, a custom field on a webpage?
      • Do you need the ability to quickly organize and display lists?
      • Do you need custom functionality that can be quickly developed?
      • Do you need to create web apps and mashups using third party APIs?

      As you can see, Drupal has so many features and functions that it can potentially fit just about any web project. But if you found yourself answering “yes” to many of those questions, then the chances are Drupal may be the best fit for your project.

  • 3. Why does Drupal need a database?
    • A

      Because Drupal stores its information in its database. Individual pages, registered users—all of that information has to go somewhere. The database will form the structure and the back-end for your Drupal site.

  • 4. What databases are supported?
    • A

      At this time, Drupal supports MySQL (or an equivalent such as Maria DB), PostgreSQL, and in Drupal 7, SQLite.

  • 5. What is PSD to Drupal conversion service? What does it entail?
    • A

      Essentially, we take your photoshop files (with extensions such as .png, .jpeg, and a few others) and convert them into Drupal. We essentially create a Drupal site from your mockups. Our integration process includes slicing, modifying, and coding PSD files so that they’re consistent with the Drupal makeup.

      This means that you’ll get your striking website design (first drafted in photoshop) integrated with the cross-browser compatible, W3C-validated, SEO friendly potential of Drupal. With the website capable of being used across a number of operating systems and browsers, you’ll finally have a comprehensive web presence ready to go.

  • 6. How long will it take to finish my PSD to Drupal project?
    • A

      When we take on your project, we do our best to give you an estimated time frame in order to ensure that we’re not wasting any of your time. Everything else depends on the nature of your order and what you’ll need out of the PSD to Drupal conversion.

  • 7. Outside of Drupal theme development, what services do you provide?
    • A

      We can handle a number of Drupal tasks, including web development and module development. We encourage you to check out our “Services” tab, or even contact us to get a customized response as to our Drupal services.

  • 8. Is Search Engine Optimization essential?
    • A

      We think so, yes. A website is not really complete unless it amplifies your traffic and helps organically generate both leads and conversions. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to acquire a top position in a search engine ranking, which enhances the visibility of your site. You put a lot of work into your PSD: it’s important that your customers be able to find it and enjoy it!

  • 9. How will my design be handled during the migration to Drupal?
    • A

      We work hard to ensure migration without affecting your existing platform data. We want to give you a simple, clean database at the end of the project. Our Drupal professionals are able to handle just about everything from the placement of content to the role of users to content separation. Throughout it all, we place an emphasis on maintaining your design integrity to ensure that the project is turning out just as you envisioned it.

  • 10. Do you provide additional customization to this project if it’s required?
    • A

      Absolutely. We offer different services for all of our Drupal projects; it all depends on what the client needs. Extra services will, of course, cost extra on the project, and keep in mind that we can’t give you a time estimate until we know what your entire project will entail.

  • 11. I already have the code, but I need to fix it. Can you help me?
    • A

      Sorry: we only work with our own coding markup.

  • 12. What will be done if there are any issues with the code?
    • A

      Although we pride ourselves on providing error-free, quality-ensured projects, mistakes do happen. If you encounter with any related issue, feel free to go ahead and contact us. We’d be happy to analyze the code and resolve the issue promptly in the most efficient way possible.

  • 13. I am not happy with the coding. Will you help me?
    • A

      Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the coding, please let us know why and we’ll do everything we can to fix it. If, after that, you’re still not satisfied, ask us for a refund.

  • 14. What if I attempt to withdraw my project order?
    • A

      You can cancel your order; the upfront money you paid will be refunded if the project does not begin. Otherwise, if work has begun, we reserve the right to bill for the completed work. So if you want to cancel, make sure you do it sooner rather than later to ensure you get your 100% money back!

  • 15. What sort of format do you endorse for my PSD to Drupal design file?
    • A

      We support most file formats, but you can’t go wrong with .psd, .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf. Those are some of the most common ones and easiest to work with as well.

  • 16. What sort of payment method do you accept?
    • A

      We have a lot of flexibility here. We can accept debit/credit card, online fund transfers, Visa/Master Card and PayPal.

  • 17. How long will it take for you to complete my project?
    • A

      It depends on a number of factors. What type of website do you need, what kind of functionalities will you require, etc.?

  • 18. Who will possess the rights on the code itself?
    • A

      You will. The rights to it will be yours, and you’re free to use the code and manipulate it as you wish.

  • 19. Will the privacy of my files and information be ensured while you use it to work on the project?
    • A

      Your information’s security and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. We are happy to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if you so desire.

  • 20. Why should I choose Xchop for my PSD to Drupal conversion?
    • A

      We’re one of the best values around. We’re cost-effective and quality conscious. We’re experienced, with some 4+ years delivering thousands of projects. But perhaps the best part about us: our client retention rate. We thrive on repeat customers, and we believe that to be the hallmark of a truly client-friendly business that provides satisfactory results each and every time.

  • 21. Do you have any PSD to Drupal work samples I can view?
    • A

      Of course! Visit our online portfolio on the website where we have showcased some of our favorite projects and best work. If you want to see more samples, you can get in touch with us via our “Request a Quote” form.

  • 22. What is your PSD to Drupal process like?
    • A

      It’s really rather simple. Once you place an order with us, your Project Manager will analyze your design and revert with queries—if they have any. Upon clarification of your specifications, your Project Manager will then communicate an estimated delivery time and then will deliver the final set of files to you as scheduled.

      What will be expected from you? Well, we do request that you upload your design PSD in an appropriate file type (.psd, .png, etc.). Our experts will review this and then confirm the price and deadline of your project, and after that, you simply wait until your PSD to Drupal theme is delivered to you!

  • 23. Why do I see a limited number of examples in your portfolio?
    • A

      Yes, we do have a reason why you see just a small number of samples in our portfolio. Our work is governed by the NDA signed with our customers. We are not allowed to disclose the projects based on the NDA. So we feature here only work for which we have received permission from the clients. You can send requests for more samples through our live chat or by mailing to . We will send you more samples from the 80,000 websites that we have designed and developed over the past 12 years since 2007.