Magento Upgrade Benefits magento upgrades can be complicated. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire an expert for such important operations.

  • Expertise matters

    We, at XHTMLCHOP, have a dedicated & highly expert Magento team to carry out the upgrade for you.

  • 0% Downtime

    Your site is never down neither your business. We run a test site to check all possible complications before implementation.

  • No Data Loss

    All your data is absolutely safe during the upgradation. We take a back up of database and then perform the operation at a TEST Site first, not on actual site.

  • Proactive Service

    Right from the testing to implementation, we are always there to make sure the upgrade is a hassle free process. We exist but to serve you.

  • Bug Fixes

    Our team will thoroughly check the bugs in the system and fix it to improve the website's operation. We don't stop till we clear every one of them.

  • Support when you need it

    Our journey doesn't end at the implementation. If you experience any issues afterwards, we are still reachable to resolve your problems.

What We Need? Before starting the upgradation, we would require your :

  •   Magento Database Size
  •   Site URL with Admin Credentials (with view access)
  •   Magento Theme
  •   Extensions installed on the site

How It Works?

  • Testing Site

    Set up testing site to observe the actual process & its behaviour. Your original data & site is unaffected.

  • Back up

    Backing up your data.

  • Magento Upgrade

    Upgrading the Production environment to the specified Magento version.

  • Site made Online

    Production environment made online.

  • Final Testing

    The final product is then tested by us as well as you, to check the effectiveness & issues, if any.

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