Why do we need an upgrade? As newer versions are developed, the older versions stop receiving technical support after a certain amount of time.

  • Joomla Update

    In the recent years, updates for Joomla 1.5 were discontinued thereby making it highly prone to malicious attacks.

  • Avoid Hacking

    Needless to say, this could lead to a host of unwanted problems. More serious problems would arise if any critical information of your client is compromised or the hacker has gained access to your server.

  • Supported Version

    In addition to being exposed to newer threats, as the years go by, the advanced versions of web hosting software will not be able to support older versions of Joomla.

Discover the benefits of upgrading to a new version :

  • PSD conversion service provider More secure  
  • PSD to CSS conversion service Bug fixes  
  • PSD to XHTML conversion service Better management of content
  • Convert PSD to XHTML More features  
  • PSD to responsive HTML Expanded languages  
  • PSD to wordpress Improved SEO  
  • PSD to HTML/XHTML conversion Synchronization with latest versions of systems

The upgrade can be a complicated process depending on the version you have and the version you wish to install. That is where we come in. You save precious time while we take care of the entire process of upgrading your system.

An upgrade installs the latest bug fixes and protects the system from new viruses. An older version is prone to hacking which may lead to loss of data and your hard earned money. Upgrading to the latest version is paramount in maintaining a smooth running secure website.

Our Goals We aim to provide top quality services in less time. The entire process is efficiently handled by us so that you can dedicate time to your business.

A website is your only means of communication that is available for customers throughout the day, every single day. Our team of qualified professionals understands the value of a smooth running website and make sure it is absolutely bug free and completely secure. We work towards ensuring that your website never experiences a downtime.

How It Works?

  • Checking Requirements

    Requirements are checked. We can directly communicate with the web hosting provider to check if you have the necessary versions of software to perform an upgrade.

  • Back up

    After taking a back up, work is started by experts, on our local system while your website remains functional.

  • Extensions

    Most extensions are converted along with the CMS but some might have been discontinued. We then look for equivalent extensions and incorporate them into your system.

  • Content and components

    Migration of all content and components to prevent any disparity between the older and newer appearance of the website.

  • Final Testing

    If needed, changes are made to the menus and other components. After a preview and final testing, we move on to the live server.

  • Site made Online

    Depending on the versions, the upgrade can take one to two weeks to complete.