Magento Upgrade Service

Responsive Magento Development Features

  • Magento Design and Integration

    We’ll take your image files and convert to a fully-functional Magento website.


    We achieve top-notch results using coding standards such as CSS preprocessors in accomplishing all our projects. Provide us with your choices and count on us to getting things delivered.

  • Custom Magento Extension Development

    Paid extensions can be implemented.

  • Pixel Precise & Hand-Coded Markups

    We’ll provide perfect pixel conversion by using Magento codes.

  • Responsive E-Commerce Design

    Your website will be compatible with mobile, tablets, Desktop, TV, etc.

  • Installation and Guarantee

    We’ll provide you with a fully-working solution upon delivering the theme files, and handle the installation of the files to your server.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    It’s important to reach out to people of all languages; we can help you do just that.

  • Support

    We consider you as a part of our team. Let us know about what bothers you and we shall try our best to help you.

Optional Features

  • Mega-Level Dropdown

    A slick feature for easy of navigation.

  • CSS Frameworks

    A simple, easy to modify CSS framework is essential for an attractive, well-run site.

  • Page Speed Optimization

    Want your users to stick around? Then you’d better run quickly. Once they click, your site should immediately respond.

  • iPhone, iPad, Android Compatibility

    If you want to reach people across a variety of platforms and devices, than we offer iPhone, iPad and Android compatibility for your site.

  • jQuery Implementation

    Select a jQuery feature option if your layout requires it!

  • [email protected] Implementation

    Have a special font? We can implement it.

Why choose team xchop ?

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Highest Quality Markup
  • Latest Browser Compatibility
  • 365 Days Free Support

Some things we’ve done.

See more examples
  • 1. For taking on the Magento eCommerce Solution, are there some agreements to be signed?
    • A

      The usage of the Community Edition does not require any agreement to be signed by you. If you want to the Enterprise Edition, you have to sign a Service Level Agreement, or SLA.

  • 2. The usage of Community Edition looks good for my online store. Will Magento provide any bug-fixing or customer support?
    • A

      Yes! Magento does provide tracking and fixing services immaterial of the version or edition you want to make use of. The Enterprise users will be given higher precedence for bug fixing by the team. The community users will also get unlimited support. Satisfactory support is given to both versions.

  • 3. Which is the right place to get extensions and other add-ons?
  • 4. Can you list the features supported by Magento?
    • A

      We support numerous crucial features such as:

      • Marketing promotions

      Essentially, Magento is a one-stop shop for everything related to setting up an eCommerce website that your users will trust and want to use.

  • 5. Can I know the features supported by Magento?
  • 6. How do I fulfill the requirements for Magento design integration and development?
    • A

      The most fundamental requirement is a Photoshop (*.psd) source file with separate layers. Also, provide PSD design sketches for best results pertaining to your home page, and pages for category, product details, cart page, and so on. Include a 404-page sketch within the checklist. Apart from this, you will need to understand different file types, for instance Favicon image. Unless you are all right with running the default Magento Favicon during your store launch, you may choose to overlook customization of the same. For the purpose, use the service of for creating your own Favicons for your web site. This will stand as a symbol representing your product or your service. Providing source files (*.ttf) is equally important to incorporate non-standard fonts that you intend to use in the published content. You may choose fonts that best represent your company in terms of style as well as professionalism. You will find licensed web fonts at or These are approved fonts, licensed for web use.

      Consider these additional features

      • A customized placeholder instead of a default Magento placeholder for products
      • A store logo in printed format
      • Logos for invoices and other printed materials. For this, use “logo_print.gif”
      • Logos for emails using “Logo_email.gif”

      For the aforementioned suggestions, simply ask your designer for printer-and-email-friendly versions of your logo.

  • 7. What should be the criteria for choosing a company for PSD to Magento conversion service?
    • A

      After finalizing all the designs for going into the website, look for a company that provides PSD to Magento conversion. Make sure that the team has certified in-house developers and official partners for Magento. To verify their quality of service, read their portfolio and testimonials.

  • 8. What should I expect out of PSD to Magento conversion service?
    • A

      Make sure they feature the following:

      • W3C-valid
      • CSS, XHTML
      • SEO-friendly
      • Should support Google Rich Snippets standard
      • Cross-browser capability (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Opera, and Safari)
      • Implementation of Professional jQuery/Prototype
      • Upgradable Magento theme for further use