Drupal Development Features

  • Content Publishing

    With Drupal, content publishing and management is a cakewalk, without the need for a webmaster.


    We have earned quite a reputation because of the way we manage our projects using complex coding standards such as CSS preprocessors. Notify us with your favorites and we guarantee to perform it on your behalf.

  • Advanced Search

    The advanced search tool is one of the best content features provided by Drupal.

  • Modules

    Our team will integrate the best of Drupal modules for your website

  • SEO Semantic Markup

    We provide lucid and advanced markups to produce search engine-friendly themes for your website along with browser compatibility.

  • Support

    You can always expect to get answers for all your queries and we vow never to leave you alone under any circumstance.

Optional Features

  • Page Speed Optimization

    We will remove all the unnecessary characters from the source code in order to increase page speed.

  • Iphone, Ipad, Android Device Compatibility

    Once your website is ready, we will prepare the layout for multiple device compatibility.

  • Jquery Implementation

    Implement this JavaScript library to simplify client-side HTML scripting.

  • Retina Display Compatibility

    This feature enables access to images of superior quality.

  • sIFR/Cufon/@font-face Implementation

    We customize fonts for your website as per requirement.

Why choose team xchop ?

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Highest Quality Markup
  • Latest Browser Compatibility
  • 365 Days Free Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a comprehensive F.A.Q. on the topic of Responsive Drupal Web Design. We hope this will help you decide whether this is a valid solution for you. For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email at info@xhtmlchop.com OR contact us.

  • 1. What purpose does Drupal serve?
    • A

      A leading open-source platform and content management system, Drupal allows for creating innovative and up-to-date websites coupled with inundating features. These include the following:

      • User administration
      • Convenient workflow publishing
      • Discussion facilitators
      • News feed
      • Metadata functionalities
      • XML publishing (for content sharing purposes)

      Drupal is one of the best sources for building creative web projects, owing to its combination of dynamic features with upgraded configuration. Whether a personal blog or a website for a multinational corporation, Drupal will best suit your purpose. Log on to https://www.drupal.org/ for more information.

  • 2. Does Drupal suit all my CMS requirements perfectly?
    • A

      You will be able to figure it out by answering the following questions:

      • Is flexibility a priority for website features? For instance, one can choose to customize a private blog to accommodate features of eCommerce and additional forums. This makes the website more versatile in terms of content.
      • Do you wish to build a website that operates across multiple platforms? Also, are you looking for user-friendly configurations that enable easy interaction with other websites?
      • What about workflows? Do you wish to build a website that can handle complex frameworks?
      • Are you looking for an interface that allows you to build your own content format? For instance, a customized field on the webpage.
      • Are you looking for convenient options for organizing and displaying lists?
      • Do you wish to save time on custom functionality development?
      • Do you wish to create web apps and mash ups with the help of third party APIs?

      There is no end to the facilities that Drupal can supply. The open source platform is perfect for all kinds of web projects. If most of your answers tend towards a 'yes', then you know that this platform is what you need for building your website.

  • 3. Is a database necessary for Drupal?
    • A

      Yes. This is where it stores all the information including individual pages, registered users, and many more. The database constitutes the skeletal framework and back-end operations for your website.

  • 4. What databases does it support?
    • A

      As per the updated status, Drupal supports MySQL or its equivalent for instance, Maria DB, and SQLite for Drupal 7.

  • 5. Explain the process and features of PSD to Drupal conversion service.
    • A

      This process requires us to collect Photoshop files with extensions of the likes of .png and .jpeg, to convert them to Drupal. This conversion forms the basis of your website building. The integration work involves editing, modifying, and coding PSD files to fit them within the Drupal format.

      Your website design, initially drafted in Photoshop, will have cross-browser compatibility along with W3C validation and supportive SEO-friendly themes and features. Your website can be accessed across different browsers and operating systems, rendering an optimal web presence for your site.

  • 6. What is the general project turnaround for a PSD to Drupal conversion?
    • A

      For every project we pick, we try to give a rough turnaround estimate to ensure that your time is not being wasted. Every order is subjective in terms of customization and the time taken for its completion will depend on the implementation of features in the course of the conversion.

  • 7. What additional services do you provide apart from Drupal theme development?
    • A

      Even though our area of specialization is Drupal theme, we also exhibit expertise in handling supplementary tasks such as web and module development. To know more about these services, access our 'Services' tab or contact us directly to get a detailed description of the same.

  • 8. How important is Search Engine Optimization?
    • A

      No website service is complete without Search Engine Optimization. This approach directs traffic, leads, and conversions, towards your website. Optimization helps you acquire supreme rankings on leading search engines. Higher your rankings, better the visibility of your website. Implementing innovative elements on PSD projects is only part of the job. What is more important is that your designs and content fetch customers in the end.

  • 9. Explain how design migration works in preparing Drupal format.
    • A

      We ensure that the migration process does not affect your existing platform in any way. Our aim is to provide a finished project with a lucid database. Our team is capable of dealing with everything that that lies between content placement and content replacement to the convenience of the user. We make efforts to retain the design integrity of your website, ensuring alongside that the project turns out to be as per your requirement.

  • 10. To what extent can I implement customization on my Drupal web project?
    • A

      There is no upper limit to customization as such. Your requirements are of paramount importance and we try our best to fulfill all your website design and content requirements. Supplementary services may imply extra charges. Also, we may not be able to give you a fixed estimate of your project turnover with additional customization.

  • 11. My existing code needs fixing. Can you help me with the same?
    • A

      We supply our own markup services. We are sorry for not being able to assist this service.

  • 12. What measures will you take in case of any error in coding?
    • A

      Such situations rarely happen, for we strive to provide error-free coding for your comprehensive website. In stating this, we provide technical assistance for all kinds of coding issues, if encountered. Feel free to take assistance from us and we will spot, analyze, and fix these errors for you.

  • 13. The coding is not up to my satisfaction. Can you correct it?
    • A

      Client satisfaction is our top priority. Kindly contact us with your grievances and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue. If you are still not happy with the coding in the end, you may ask for a refund.

  • 14. Can I cancel the order?
    • A

      Yes you can, if the project is not in motion. You will receive due refund for the package that you have selected. If the project is on the floor, we have a right to charge you for the entire service. Make sure that you cancel the order as soon as possible in order to gain complete refund for the opted services.

  • 15. What is the required file format for PSD to Drupal conversion?
    • A

      File format is no issue, as we support most of the formats, including the common ones such as .psd, .jpg, .png, .gif, and .pdf to name a few. These formats are quite easy to deal with.

  • 16. What are the acceptable methods of payment for the service?
    • A

      Our payment gateways are very flexible. We accept debit/credit cards, Visa/MasterCard, online transfers, and PayPal.

  • 17. How long does it take to finish one project?
    • A

      It all depends upon your requirements, the kind of features, designs, and functional options you want for your website and other things.

  • 18. Who acquires the right to the website codes?
    • A

      You will. The codes belong to you as much as the website does. Feel free to make any markup modifications to suit your needs.

  • 19. Will you retain the privacy of information while preparing the project?
    • A

      Of course! Client confidentiality matters the most to us. We also validate this importance by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if the need arises.

  • 20. Why XChop for PSD to Drupal conversion services?
    • A

      Our services are of utmost value, in addition to being cost-effective and superior in quality. We have been delivering up-to-date services for over four years, with thousands of projects to our credit. Owing to the quality of our services, we take pride in projecting high customer loyalty. Repeated customers are a sign of a client-friendly operation that seeks to deliver quality services as per their needs.

  • 21. Can I have access to some of your PSD to Drupal conversion samples?
    • A

      Of course you can! Our online portfolio comprises some of the best projects we have handled so far. If you wish for more samples, contact us by submitting the 'Request a Quote' form.

  • 22. How does PSD to Drupal conversion work?
    • A

      The procedure is quite simple. Once we receive your order, your Project Manager will look into your design submissions, analyze them, and contact you with doubts or queries, if any. Once we confirm your requirements, you will receive an estimated turnaround date for your final draft. Your readied project will be handed over to you on the date of delivery.

      Not much is required from your end. Keep your PSD files ready and our team will look into them to confirm the price and delivery date of your project. All that remains is awaiting a dynamic website, ready for launch!

  • 23. Why do I see a limited number of examples in your portfolio?
    • A

      As you have rightly noted we have posted here only few samples. However, we have developed and designed since 2007 more than 80,000 websites. We are unable to post more samples here as the NDA that we sign with our clients control what we can disclose and what we cannot. We have posted here samples for which we have written permission from our clients. If you are interested in viewing more samples you can contact us through our live chat support or write to us at info@xhtmlchop.com .