Our Process

  • Requirements Analysis Requirements Analysis

    Requirements Analysis

    Upon receiving all your designs and the related files we will review the requirements and the complexity level. During this phase project planning is also completed.

  • Assignment of coding team Assignment of coding team

    Assignment of coding team

    A dedicated team is assigned to take care of your coding work. The team sends regular updates to the project manager and the project manager liaises with the client.

  • Review and completion Coding review and completion

    Review and completion

    Project team completes the project as per the project plan. The work is sent to the quality review team and then to the client for review and feedback. Upon receiving the feedback final modifications if any are implemented and the project files are sent to the client.

Why Choose Xhtmlchop?

  • Highly experienced team

    We are a team of highly experienced experts in HTML5 coding. We are not only experienced we are also passionate about the work we do.

  • Custom coding plans

    We have custom plans and pricing depending on your html5 banner needs. You just pay for what you use and there will be no need to pay for packages and features that you do not use.

  • Unparalleled customer service

    All our customers are well supported through our 24x7 customer service desk. You will find it easy to reach us through email, phone and live chat any time of the day or night.

  • Wallet friendly pricing

    We not only offer cost-effective pricing plans based on your actual requirements but we also charge very nominal fee for our charges. You will certainly be impressed with our wallet friendly prices.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    You are sure to get the best value for your money when you choose our HTML5 Banner Coding Service. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our services.

  • Scott Cain

    " We have used Xchop for over three years and their service and delivery has been nothing short of excellent. We recommend using Xchop for all agencies looking for quick turnaround and great work. "

    — Scott Cain, Happy xChop Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a comprehensive F.A.Q. on the topic of HTML Web Design. We hope this will help you decide whether this is a valid solution for you. For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email at info@xhtmlchop.com OR contact us.

  • 1. How much do your HTML5 banner coding services cost?
    • A

      Our price starts from as low as $17 per banner for static HTML5 banner coding service. Please visit our order page to calculate the final price for your order by selecting your desired package based on your requirements. We also provide custom quotes; we need to look at your requirements before we could give you the final custom quote. Please email us your files at info@xhtmlchop.com or contact our sales representative on live chat.

  • 2. Are your prices all-inclusive prices or are there any other hidden charges?
    • A

      Yes, all our prices are all-inclusive prices. There are no hidden charges. You will not be required to pay more than what is indicated in the quote sent to you. However the quotes sent to the customers are based on the requirements sent to us. If there are any deviations in the requirements, the costs will vary accordingly. You will however be notified of the costs and only on your approval we will proceed with the project.

  • 3. How long do you take to complete our HTML5 Banner Coding orders?
    • A

      Normally each order is delivered within 24 hrs time but the turnaround time varies on a number of factors. Once your order is placed, our review team will go through your requirements and will let you know the final delivery date for your order. Secondly, your response time to the feedbacks required will also have its impact on the completion time. However, we have fully streamlined our order processing strategies to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible.

  • 4. Do you sign NDA?
    • A

      Yes! We do sign non-disclosure agreements. As a highly professional HTML5 Banner Coding Service provider, we maintain confidentiality and you can confidently approach us with your requirements.

  • 5. How to send the project files to you?
    • A

      You will be able to upload files on the order form while placing your order. You can also upload the files to your server and send us the download link. In case if you have any trouble uploading files, you can contact our live chat representative or can email us at info@xhtmlchop.com

  • 6. Do you have in-house team for coding or do you outsource?
    • A

      Yes, we have a highly talented and dedicated team of in-house coding experts. All our team members come with vast coding experience.

  • 7. Will the work be sent for quality checking before delivery?
    • A

      Of course, we have stringent quality control guidelines to be adhered to and all the projects are subjected to quality control checks before they are submitted to the client. We will send you fully functional and bug free work.

  • 8. Are the projects completed tested for cross browser compatibility?
    • A

      Yes. We deliver designs that are tested for cross browser compatibility. We use all the latest browsers to check the compatibility of the designs that we code. Your banners will render without any issues in all the latest browsers.

  • 9. I need HTML5 banner coding service but I don’t have banner design ready with me, can you help?
    • A

      Yes, we can also help you with your banner design requirements. Contact us with your detailed requirements at info@xhtmlchop.com or you can also contact our sales representative via live chat so that we can help you with the quote.

  • 10. Why do I see a limited number of examples in your portfolio?
    • A

      Yes, we do have a reason why you see just a small number of samples in our portfolio. Our work is governed by the NDA signed with our customers. We are not allowed to disclose the projects based on the NDA. So we feature here only work for which we have received permission from the clients. You can send requests for more samples through our live chat or by mailing to info@xhtmlchop.com . We will send you more samples from the 80,000 websites that we have designed and developed over the past 14 years since 2007.