PSD to Responsive Wordpress PSD to Wordpress Woocommerce Development

WordPress Development Features List

  • All Device and Browser Compatibility

    The coding of WordPress website is done ensuring the website looks same in all browsers and devices.


    In WordPress development, we make use of CSS Preprocessors in order to deliver the best results. Let us know your requirements, we will handle the rest.

  • Advanced Theme Control Panel

    Advanced Theme Control Panel helps you to manage text, images, logo, favicons, header, footer and other sections of the WordPress website in an easy way.

  • User Friendly & Easy to Manage

    In Wordpress website development, we provide a CMS for the website specifically coded such that it’s easy & convenient to add, edit and delete the sections of the website with zero or less previous web experience.

  • Latest Wordpress Version

    We use the latest WordPress version in the WordPress website development.

  • Easy Installation and Upgrades

    WordPress themes can easily install and upgraded. This reduces your work later on, leading to easy maintenance.

  • HTML Included

    HTML pages are included along with the WordPress theme files.

  • Widget Ready

    Our WordPress themes are designed in such a way to support numerous features and plugins. The plugins include Social networking plugins, Forum plugins, Widget plugins, Spam protection and more.

  • Custom Post Type Integration

    During WordPress website development, we will assist you with the custom post integration feature such that you can create custom posts in required styles and goals.

  • Supports Fixed and Flexible/Fluid Layouts

    We ensure making your WordPress theme responsive. Our WordPress themes support flexible & Fluid layouts, which are built using percentages.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    We offer multi-lingual support feature for our clients in WordPress development in order to make your website to be multilingual.

  • Semantic Coding

    Our WordPress development services include semantic coding feature helps in creating a clean template without compromising the page speed.

  • Different Frameworks Available

    There are multiple frameworks available such as Fluid Baseline Grid, Twitter Bootstrap, Boilerplate, Foundation and more.

  • Easy to Manage & SEO Friendly

    WordPress website is SEO-friendly and easy to manage. WordPress themes are developed simple and convenient to use.

  • Multilevel dropdown menu supported

    WordPress themes allow to create a multilevel drop down menu from WordPress menu option.

  • Support

    Our support team is always active to listen to your queries and give the prompt responses. Notify us with your concerns, we are happy to serve you.

Optional Features

  • Customization

    During WordPress website development, we provide the plugins ranging from the advance search for custom forms. And also member pages as an optional feature.

  • Shopping Cart Plugins

    In our WordPress development services, we can also create shopping websites for your WordPress page. We also work with eCommerce and commerce plugins.

  • Commercial Plugin Implementations

    In the WordPress website, we can also implement commercial plugins like Calendars, log in for voting, polling, Google store locator if you prefer.

  • Retina Display Compatibility Screen Readers Compatibility

    Our WordPress websites provide the best clarity for retina supportive devices and screen readers compatible devices, which are designed specifically for the visually impaired.

  • Microformat/Schema and Page Speed Optimization

    In our wordpress development services, we provide 90+ page speed score for your WordPress websites. This ensures user-friendly website with fast user experience.

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PSD to Wordpress Examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a comprehensive F.A.Q. on the topic of Wordpress Development Service. We hope this will help you decide whether this is a valid solution for you. For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email at OR contact us.

  • 1. Can you explain PSD to Responsive WordPress service?
    • A

      PSD to Responsive WordPress Service is a full-fledged responsive WordPress theme development process. This runs well on all screen sizes or devices like iPhone, iPad, tablet and more.

  • 2. What all does the PSD to Responsive WordPress service comprise?
    • A

      The PSD to Responsive WordPress service consists of responsive WordPress theme development for varied screen sizes and devices. This has numerous WordPress functionalities and dedicated round the clock support.

  • 3. Do I need to submit three different layouts to make the wordpress responsive?
    • A

      This completely depends on you. If you provide 3 varied layouts, we will do the coding as per your instructions. If you do not provide anything, we will create we will come up with three versions with the standard responsive coding.

  • 4. Can you mention the cost of a Responsive WordPress home page and inner page?
    • A

      The fees for responsive home page is $199 and for inner page it is $99.

  • 5. What all Responsive frameworks do you work on?
    • A

      We provide Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation Framework, less framework, Boiler Plate and Fluid baseline grid.

  • 6. Can you mention the default framework you use as responsive?
    • A

      The responsive media queries framework is made use of as default.

  • 7. For the Responsive WordPress service, do you make use of the latest version?
    • A

      We make use of the latest version of WordPress and also the latest theme. Right now, we are making use of WordPress version 4.0 and twenty fourteen as a base theme.

  • 8. Will you help with converting an existing HTML website into Responsive WordPress theme?
    • A

      We can assist with converting your existing HTML website into responsive WordPress theme. You can easily get in touch with our Sales/Support or Live Chat Team for help regarding your requirement.

  • 9. Can you help with converting an existing Responsive HTML website into Responsive WordPress theme?
    • A

      We do help convert your existing Responsive HTML website into Responsive WordPress theme. You can contact our Sales/Support or Live Chat Team for detailed information and assistance about your requirement.

  • 10. Can you give me some samples of your PSD to Responsive WordPress services?
    • A

      Our latest work is available here. You can send us an email at for specific Responsive WordPress example. You can contact us or directly talk to our Live Chat Team.

  • 11. Do I need technical skills to use WordPress?
    • A

      You do not have to be programmer for using WordPress. It is possible if you can access the easy, simple usage interface. For more information visit:

  • 12. Is there the feature of automatic updating for me whenever WordPress releases latest versions?
    • A

      To upgrade to a newer version, you have to do it manually. When WordPress is updated, it may change custom code and plug-in settings. We are there to assist you on this.

  • 13. Can you mention the distinction between Responsive and Non-Responsive WordPress theme?
    • A

      A responsive theme looks perfect on a mobile/tablet or monitor immaterial of the size. It alters the layout in order to fit in all screen sizes. The non- responsive theme functions as a single layout. The benefit is that the website loads in mobile/tablet in the literal same format as on the desktop browser.

  • 14. Do you help with installation?
    • A

      Yes. Submit your Site URL, WP-ADMIN details and ftp/c-panel login details. The additional installation charge is only $20.

  • 15. Why do I see a limited number of examples in your portfolio?
    • A

      Don’t worry, we are one of the most experienced agencies in the industry. We have been serving our customers since 2007 and we have over 80,000 websites in our portfolio from diverse industries. We have not showcased more samples here as we respect our clients’ privacy; we sign NDA with our clients. The projects featured here have special permission from our clients for disclosure. To see more samples of our past work you can write to us at or contact our live chat support representatives in our website.