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Magento Development Features

  • Magento Design and Integration

    Our expert team of professionals converts your image or sketch files into a fully functional and pixel perfect Magento website.


    In Magento development service our coding strategies, also involve CSS Processors to use in every project that we execute. Let us know your preferences, we take care of the implementation.

  • Custom Magento Extension Development

    In the Magento website development service we also perform custom Magento extension development. According to your requirements the paid extension can be implemented.

  • Magento Customization and Integration Services Pixel Precise & Hand-Coded Markups

    Our Magento development services also offer Magento customization and integration process. In which, the pixel conversion of the sketch is done accurately into Magento codes.

  • Responsive E-Commerce Design

    The developed Magento website is device compatible such that website appears same on Mobiles, Tablets, TV, Desktop and more.

  • Installation and Guarantee

    At the end of the Magento website development, we provide a fully functional responsive Magento website. Along with this, the theme files are also provided. Our Magento developers will take care of installations if you require.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    In the Magento website development service we also provide multi-lingual support such that your website is available in other languages too. This helps to reach out to the people in other languages

  • Support

    Xhtmlchop has an active support team, who answers every query of yours. Let us know your concerns so that we can help you instantaneously.

Optional Features

  • Mega-Level Dropdown

    Dropdown feature aids in easy navigation for users.

  • CSS Frameworks

    An adaptable CSS framework is essential for an appealing and glitch free website.

  • Page Speed Optimization

    The website should be prompt in addressing users’ queries. You do not want users to become irritated with a slow loading web page and associated templates.

  • iPhone, iPad, Android Compatibility

    Be it android, iPhone, or iPad, the developed website is compatible overall operating systems.

  • jQuery Implementation

    For the layout option, a jQuery feature is available if you need it.

  • Retina Display Compatibility Screen Readers Compatibility

    Compatible with Retina-supportive devices! It is an advantageous feature for visually impaired.

  • sIFR/Cufon/@font-face Implementation

    sIFR/Cufon/@font-face Implementation

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  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Highest Quality Markup
  • Latest Browser Compatibility
  • 365 Days Free Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a comprehensive F.A.Q. on the topic of Magento Web Design. We hope this will help you decide whether this is a valid solution for you. For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email at OR contact us.

  • 1. For taking up the Magento eCommerce Solution, do we need to sign some agreements?
    • A

      There is no necessity as such for community edition. For Enterprise edition, you have to sign a Service Level Agreement or SLA.

  • 2. For my online store, I want to use Community Edition. Will Magento give me any bug-fixing or customer support?
    • A

      Irrespective of which edition or version you opt for, bug tracking and fixing services are inclusive. Although for bug fixing, the priority is given to Enterprise users, satisfactory services are rendered for both the communities.

  • 3. Where should I check for extensions and other add-ons?
  • 4. What features does Magento support?
    • A

      Magento provides an effective solution for establishing a reliable eCommerce website. It supports several features such as:

      • Marketing promotions
      • Marketing tools
      • Analytics and reporting
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Site Management
      • Catalog management
      • Catalog browsing
      • International Support
      • Checkout and Payment
      • Shipping
      • Customer Service
      • Customer Accounts
      • Order management
  • 5. Can you list the payment gateways supported by Magento?
  • 6. What is the time required to convert one page design into a Magento theme?
    • A

      Considering the complexity of page design, specified customization and the features that you opt for our experts can provide you with an approximate time and cost for the services. The cost for the services is evaluated for the features that you opt for.

  • 7. Is installation of extensions included in the overall pricing?
    • A

      The total cost of a project is inclusive of the extensions that you opt for which have been approved at the time of consultation. For separate customization other than the ones included in the package, our experts will notify you accordingly about the cost for the services.

  • 8. Where can I see a demo?
  • 9. What are the licenses used by Magento?
    • A

      Both the Magento editions have required license permissions. The Magento Community is licensed under the Open Software License (OSL) v3.0 and Magento Enterprise Edition is licensed under the commercial license. For more details, visit

  • 10. Why open source?
    • A

      The many reason for growth of Open Source products have been reported by O'Reilly Research. These reasons include Agility and scale, reduced vendor lock-in, quality and security, cost, and innovation.

  • 11. What are the features supported by Magento?
  • 12. What are the materials I should offer to Magento design integrators and developers?
    • A

      Along with a Sketch source file, make sure that you have provided classified pages according to their usage in the form of home page, category page, and products detail page and so on. A design sketch of 404page is recommended.

      Refer to

      If required also provide source files of non-standard fonts. Fonts are representative of your web page personality and it is beneficial to use licensed fonts. For details on licensed fonts, check out or


      • To avoid Magento default placeholders try to come up with a placeholder image for your products.
      • A printable form of store logo
      • For a universal logo for printed materials, use a “logo_print.gif” format.
      • For e-mails, the code is “Logo_email.gif”
  • 13. How should I choose a company for Sketch to Magento conversion service?
    • A

      Before approaching any service provider, make sure that all of your material is ready. Look for in-house developers, which carry mandatory certification and officially partner with Magento. Do check for past credentials and competency of the service provider.

  • 14. What is the result of quality Sketch to Magento conversion service?
    • A
      • W3C-valid
      • CSS, XHTML
      • SEO-friendly
      • Should support Google Rich Snippets standard
      • Cross-browser capable (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Opera, and Safari)
      • Professional jQuery/Protytype implementation
      • The Magento theme should be upgrade-friendly for future use