• Use Twitter Bootstrap for these 11 Reasons

    The reputation of Twitter has made it possible for it to go beyond the user-managed social networking to a platform where developers can conduct heavy duty code and change how things work. The Bootstrap framework is now introduced in the ar

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  • Top 5 Security Fundamentals for Ecommerce Sites

    Ecommerce sites are usually the preferred target for hackers and fraudsters. A person who runs a business online, or has a client who does, will be aware of this. A regular ecommerce site stores thousands of credit card details and other pe

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  • To What Extent Is Your Design Mobile Friendly? 12 Tips to Try

    Smartphones and tablets have been popular for less than 10 years but mobile internet access is par with desktop access. In 10 countries including the US and Japan, higher Google searches are conducted on mobile devices than on computers. Th

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  • Best Tips to Make WordPress Secure

    To avoid any sort of compromise of your website, it is important to keep WordPress secure. The uptime is amplified along with safety of data. You will have a site that functions extremely fast and reliable. Below listed are 10 most effectiv

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