• Magento: The Web’s Best Ecommerce Solution

    Starting an ecommerce business for the first time can seem incredibly daunting. Throughout the entire development process, your team needs to create ideas and products that will make your online business stand out among millions of others o

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  • Xhtmlchop Review of Best WordPress Themes

    Review of Best WordPress Themes for february 2014 1. Invert Lite Download 2. Nova Lite Download 3. Progeny Download 4. DW-WallPress Download 5.Preus Download 6. Figero Download 7. Butterbelly Download 8. Blogly Download 9. CWP Responsive Do

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  • Launching microformats and scheme add-on services

    “Microformats and Schema.org simply makes your web page and it’s data more readable, acceable to search engines. By using it’s semantic markup, classes and standards it make your site SEO friendly.” 1.What is a Micro

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  • Launching {less} CSS Preprocessor Technique

    XhtmlChop is ready to lauch {less} CSS Preprocessor option to its another PSD to Conversion services to ensure the best Optimized CSS Preprocessor Technique. Make your web pages more advanced and dynamic with {less} CSS structure and exten

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