After Deciding To Use AngularJS As Your Development Platform – What Next?

After Deciding To Use AngularJS As Your Development Platform – What Next?

Have you decided to use AngularJS as your development platform? Congratulations you have made a very good choice. You will now be able to enjoy all the benefits of this robust platform. You would not have just blindly decided to use AngularJS one fine morning and we are sure that it is not just some random decision. It would have been possible for you to arrive at this decision only after putting in a considerable amount of work. You would not have done all these and gone to extent of spending those painstaking efforts if whatever you are planning to build is not of importance to you. After going through this challenging phase, now you are likely to be at this crossroads, “what next?”

Yes, what next? What should be your next series of actions so that you could take your project to the next level? Selecting the right AngularJS development company should be your move. It is possible for you to reap all the benefits of this robust platform only when you have the right people on the job. The biggest chunk of your ‘what next’ factor is going to revolve around picking the best team to help you with the entire development process. Here are few important factors for your consideration when you are on your journey to finding the best AngularJS development agency.

1. Get clear with your own requirements – Initially, you are likely to be having only an overall or high-level understanding of your own requirements. It is not possible for you to move forward with just a highly level understanding. Create an elaborate project specifications document which would include as much information about your needs. The more information you have the better it is. This is an important phase of your AngularJS project development. Firstly, you will clarify many things for yourself and secondly, this will serve as the source document for your service provider to give you a detailed quote and project development proposal.

2. After creating your project development specifications document, the next step is finding the right agency to entrust your requirements. You are likely to come across many service providers at this stage. Be prepared to go for a long haul because you are likely to be confused here at least initially having to plough through a series of service providers that you come across and every single agency invariably claiming they are the best.

3. When you are trying to find your AngularJS development company, before you even contact them, take a look at their portfolio first. If you have done your homework well in step one that is creating a detailed project specifications document, you are likely to know what exactly you want, based on your requirements, match the skill set of the service provider by reviewing their portfolio. Will they be able to meet your requirements? What are you able to make out from their portfolio? Choose agencies with a strong portfolio because that is what will make things easy for you down the line. You do not want someone who is likely to experiment your requirements. You would rather want someone who has vast experience working on a diverse range of requirements. Only such agencies will be able to understand your requirements fully and will be able to do justice to your requirements. Experience and a strong portfolio are the keywords here for you to remember. If you want to skip this step, do so at your own peril.

4. The next step is to check on the reputation of the agency. Only companies which are capable of offering consistently dependable services would enjoy a good reputation. By looking for a reputed agency to work on your requirements, you are certainly doing yourself a great service because you are counting on the consistency of the service provider rather than on other factors that are likely to fail you.

5. Many people blindly send their RFQ to every company that they come across. What is the use? What is the use of getting your quote from a company that lacks adequate experience and a company that does not enjoy a good reputation? Send your RFQ to companies that you shortlist by following through the series of steps listed above. When you send out your requirements to selective few agencies, be prepared to respond to the clarifications and further questions that they may have on your requirements if you want to get a good quote. Your development company should have a clear understanding of your requirements to provide you with an accurate quote. Do not therefore avoid such questions or agencies that ask for clarifications. It is a good thing they are not rushing to send you a quote without fully understanding the requirements.

6. Once you receive the quote avoid the temptation to pick the lowest priced quote before you have looked into all the aspects of the quote. Carefully review and compare the quotes based on what is included and what is not included. Is the proposal clearly indicating the timeline along with delivery milestones? Are they realistic in setting the milestones? Do not rush to make your decision until you have fully understood the proposal. Sometimes what looks like the most competitive quote may not actually be the competitive quote. Exercise caution here.

7. Finally, check how good is the customer support. Will you have a dedicated project manager as your single point of contact to support you during the journey? Is your service provider easily accessible through phone and email? Most of the companies today offer 24×7 support. Finding a company that gives importance to good customer support is crucial because those are the companies that care about customer satisfaction.

Allow yourself enough time to pick the right service providers. If you do not invest your time in the initial stages, you are likely to waste a lot of time down the line. Once you identify the right service provider, half the job is done. You can sit back and relax.

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