3 ways HTML5 makes for better building


Since HTML5 made its debut in October 2014, developers have been exploring all that this application has to offer. It has been 17 years since the last version of HTML4 was released, and boy has the Web changed. On today’s web, users need a site that works with them, not against them. They need their sites to work with all media while still being readable by humans and computers alike. Users also need an application that works across all devices, not just on their computer. HTML5 does all of that and more. With HTML5, developers can create apps that work across all platforms and can handle all multimedia and graphical content without the use of plugins. Instead of working with a program that is constantly making it more difficult to design, HTML5 works with you to create rich and complex content easily. Whether you’re presenting images, text, video, or audio, it is now easier than ever to build and present content on the web.

More Interactive

With HTML 1.0-4.0 you could easily include texts and images on a page, but little else. HTML did a great job of laying out the text and images together but it still felt very static with all of the graphics (video and audio) that one could get with other software. Not anymore! With HTML5, you can include video/audio, css3, WebGL, offline, geolocation, and many more, plus the program itself is much more interactive. HTML5 is more of an application development platform which means that you can have text and images, but you can also include interactive graphics, store data, and exchange data.


As the developer, you no longer have to automatically store data to the server, with HTML5 there are several technologies that allow the app to save data on the client’s device. In addition to that, you can sync it back to the server. This means that your app can work for the client offline, maybe even syncing data back after the client is connected to the server again. Also, you don’t have to worry as much about performance. You can show a lot of data at once without having to force the user to wait for the page to load. This does make the data more vulnerable, so be careful, but overall it just helps you.

A Builder’s Best Friend

Sometimes it is just really difficult to build a web app. HTML5 is here to help with that. With additions to the ECMAScript (the JavaScript language), new ways to use the DOM, and other old trusted allies (like XMLHttpRequest and <input type=”file”> HTML5 is stronger and easier to use. Smarter APIs are also there to help. These APIs allow you to better understand what is happening inside of your application and help you make good choices when building your app. For instance, you can save battery/CPU and create really great user experiences. All of these additions make it easier for you, as a developer, to create great apps!

We hope you found all of this information helpful. HTML5 is a really great application that soars above of the previous versions. If you are considering a switch PSD to HTML5, contact us! A Professional PSD Conversions Company is here to help you move all of your apps and programs over.

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