Why It’s a Must to Have Manually Coded PSD to HTML Conversion

psd2htmlDo you need a firm made of web developers who can slice your PSD website and convert it to HTML? There are many PSD to HTML conversion firms that you can find online but not all of them can offer manual coding during the process. Don’t underestimate the risks of hiring web developers who use software in converting your website because you might end up regretting this decision.

Manual coding is a major requirement in PSD to WordPress, HTML, XHTML, HTML5, and other conversion processes. If you choose otherwise, you will have to deal with the following problems in a website produced by software conversion:

Errors. Software does the coding automatically without spotting errors in them because it values quantity over quality of work. If your website has erroneous coding, this will adversely affect the functionality of the website. It might not load fast enough or not at all. And if it does, it might even be a different website than how you formatted it in PSD.

Sloppy codes. Clean coding structure is not guaranteed if software is used.

Lack of W3C compatibility. Automated coding usually doesn’t produce codes that follow the W3C standards.

Poor quality. Automatic conversion might be fast but a quality website is not guaranteed.

Disappointed customers. If your website has poor functionality and quality, you can’t expect happy customers to stick with you. It’s so much easier for them to look for another website with more or less similar offerings to yours.

Poor online presence. Codes produced by software are not search engine friendly. This is the hindrance towards getting ranked high up in the search engine results.

On the other hand, you will enjoy the following benefits from hand coded PSD to XHTML, WordPress, HTML, or other conversion processes:

W3C validated codes. Quality codes always pass the W3C standards because they are free from errors.

Fewer codes. Codes are only used where they are necessary, unlike the large amounts generated in software coding. This helps your website to load faster, making customers happy.

Scalable coding. Manually coded websites can be easily changed depending on the changes in the search engine algorithm. With software coding, you have to start from scratch if there are changes that have to be made.

SEO friendly codes. Manual coding uses semantic coding, which is search engine friendly. This can help your website rank higher in the SERPs.

Consistent design. Hand coded websites are consistent in terms of structure, colors, and other elements.

Cross browser compatibility. Manual coding ensures that your website is accessible for customers who use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and many other common browsers.

If you choose a PSD Conversion Company such as XHTMLCHOP, you can be assured of manual coding. Their services even come with 100% satisfaction and moneyback guarantee, which means they won’t stop working on your website until you’re happy with it or until you’ve asked for a refund. They also assure you of the highest quality markup for all their services. Since they have been around for years, you can trust that they will deliver on all their promises.

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