Important Things to Ask the PSD to WordPress Developer Before Hiring One

slider-2Converting your website from PSD to WordPress might be something that you can do with the help of online tutorials. However, you can’t just gamble your website away and risk ruining your reputation even before you get started online by generating what possibly might be a slow loading and erroneous website. On the other hand, hiring experienced web developers will have you hoping for a website that is compatible with the latest browsers while following W3C Validation standards. But before you hire a web developer, make sure to ask the following questions to yourself and to the company:
Have you identified your requirements for the conversion? Determine the features that you’d like to find in your WordPress website.
Which would you like to deal with – a company of web developers or a freelancer? While you may enjoy the flexibility of working with a freelancer, the fact that you are entrusting the conversion service on a single individual puts you at a higher risk than when you choose a company with a team of web developers.

Have you seen their website? Visit their website to learn more about their services, pricing, turnaround time, and other offers.

What packages are they offering? Those who need PSD to HTML, XHTML, HTML5, or any other conversion service should ask the same question too. You should know the contents of the packages, their price, their features, and turnaround time.

Do the packages offer the things that you have listed as your requirements? The must-have offers are cross browser compatibility, W3C validation, commented CSS, and fast page loading speed.

Does the company offer on-demand features? Make sure to ask how much each feature will cost you and how long it will take for them to finish it.

How much does the conversion of each additional page cost you?

What WordPress version will the website be converted to?

Does the company offer services related to converting your website to future WordPress versions?

How many web developers does the company have? It would even be better if your PSD to XHTML, HTML, WordPress, or other conversion services will be taken care of by a lot of developers for fast turnaround time.

What is work process for the conversion?

Will the converted website be compatible with the major browsers?

Does the firm offer widgets along with the WordPress theme?

Is the WordPress theme customizable?

How quick is the turnaround time offered by the firm?

Can you access the portfolio of the firm?

Does the firm offer customer support and easy access to them?

Are the services offered with 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Is there a discount?

How will you pay for the services?

If you need “PSD Conversion Services, a company such as XHTMLCHOP can be of help. They have been offering their services for years and have so far accumulated more than 5500 happy clients. They could have been successful in this business because of their hand coded XHTML strict markup, 100% satisfaction guarantee, money back guarantee, latest browser compatibility, 60 days free support, live technical support, and non-disclosure agreement.

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