Essential Process and Services in PSD to XHTML Services

psd2xhtml_slideHypertext Markup language or HTML is the standard and acceptable language on the web. All texts, graphics, files and hyperlinks placed on the web should be tagged based on this standardized system to achieve clean and presentable effect. All businessmen online must understand how this works as it directly affects web development and design of our online business. It also serves to be the standard for PSD to HTML, which is a vital process in web design.

Fundamentals of PSD Conversion

Everyone who opts to get quality design with their personal creative input uses Adobe Photoshop, the leading software for photo editing and creation. With the use of this application, we could develop, design and layout the pages we deem our websites to have. These are easy tasks as they present manageable, controllable and efficient designs you could personally do.

Commonly, people are referring to different formals. You could use CMS packages for PSD to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These Content Management Systems have particular features that could complement one site but would not work in another. Ecommerce packages also work for you if you are operating in a business sphere. Some platforms you could use are Magento, osCommerce and Opencart. Your Conversion company must be able to assess all of your needs and perform essential slicing and chopping in relation to these needs. They must also offer fast processing and turn-around time.

Process of Converting PSD to HTML Platform

Converting your PSD files is a 10-step process. Common providers of easy chopping and slicing of files could be outsourced online. All you need to have are PSD files with concrete and creative image you want your site to have. The following work flow is evident for a quality PSD to XHTML conversion:

1. Place your order in the site. You could have your PSD file converted in different platforms – XHTML, WordPress, HTML5, Joomla, magento, Email and Responsive.

2. A support team will assess your information and details. Necessary adjustments, supplement and add-ons would be arranged with you.

3. A dedicated team will be assigned for your project.

4. Your requirements will be assessed. This step would be intensive as all necessary details will be finalized before the conversion process.

5. A mark-up developer would ensure that the design is coded properly, cleanly and manually. You should guarantee that your CSS and HTML are accurate and W3C-compliant.

6. A Quality Assessment group will test and ensure your final copy.

7. The mark-up will undergo all web browser compatibility tests.

8. The results will be uploaded with the order thread.

9. If you opt for an implementation service, another department will manage its quality service.

10. The Implementation department will manage the theme or upload it to the server for your convenience.

These processes would usually take two days of turnaround time for professionals. All of the steps are comprehensively designed to meet your demands.

Features of Conversion

Most PSD o HTML conversion services are patterned with quality CSS and HTML coding. Although there are other companies offering software coding, the best conversion features must be made of manual coding. These are necessary in drafting quality and clean web design for your business.

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