8 Reasons to Choose Shopify For Your Online Store


A lot has been spoken about how to choose an ecommerce platform and the significance of WordPress in the world of ecommerce. The Big 3 popular ecommerce platforms are Shopify, Volusion, and BigCommerce. Many online stores have used Shopify for a year and above. And most of them have recognized it as a one stop solution which enables shoppers to purchase with freedom.

The following 8 reasons elaborate as to why you should choose Shopify for your web based store.

1. The Design Essence
Shopify along with other platforms (Volusion and BigCommerce) are the creation of the same company. Hence the essence of design on these platforms is very much similar. Much like how Apple have their designs work across different platforms, Shopify has created a website wherein all the software and hardware essentials including the payment tab, shopping cart, and inventory work with precise synchronization with each other.

2. Great Built-in features
The strength lies in the built-in features. That’s what makes a happy Shopify user. You give users high security, fast speed and robust hosting, and you have great community building around the service. Unless you opt for WPengine in WordPress installation, all the essentialities of technical significance are handled with utmost professionalism.

3. Loads of Payment gateways
Handling payments is by far the most uncomfortable fragment of operating a web based store. For those who operate their shop on WordPress or Magento, there is a constant need for procuring add-ons at every gateway. However, with Shopify it is smooth all the way, approximately any gateway for handling payment efficiently.

4. Simple administration at the backend
Shopify Backend system is incredibly easy, thus making your organizational tasks absolutely stress-free. Being a storeowner, you can thus easily devote maximum time visiting thewebsite’s backend inlocating things, making product additions, and attending customers with efficacy.The entire drop down settings, paste-in Analytics fields and the setup checklists are wonderfully synchronized.

5. Specializedcustomer-centric support team
Shopify has a devoted customer-centric team in tandem with Caroline Schnapp to treat customers with great care. The platform does not rely on a community support nor does it function as an open source like WordPress and most other generic shopping carts prevailing in the market scenario.

6. Shopify supports large community of 3rd party experts and developers
Shopify supports high-end techies, designers, consultants and developers designers, and consultants by rewarding them with incentives. The platform encourages these aforementioned specialists to be conversant with Shopify platform, in tandem with ShivarWeb model. It has a widespread network to make it accessible to public at large and help them with customized design, specialty app and with marketing.

7. Cash flow friendly structure devoid of hidden costs
Shopify is an optimal platform for short-term storefront. Although for operating overtime, this model could be pricey, Shopify does not have any upfront development costs. The platform spreads out all your costs apportioned on month-to-month basis. The costs so spread out can be extremelylow-cost as $29. You can surpass the transaction fee and instead opt for making a steady monthly fee that could be cheaper in the long run. This platform does not encourage any contractual arrangement and frees up store owners to a more flexible option of payment. You do not have to divulge in any one time investment or have your money locked on inventory. So if you decide to revive your store into publishing, then you can be rest assured of not losing your hard earned money on gigantic development costs that are upfront at most vendors.

8. Myriad of in-built tools
Shopify has box full of tools to sell anything and everything under one roof. So irrespective of whether it is the inventory management, blogging, coupon codes, analytics, cross-sells or upsells that you are pondering on, Shopify can help you with all that without any need for hunting.

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