Necessity of PSD to XHTML Conversion

A PSD file needs to be converted into a language that will be understood by different browsers. This is the basic reason for the need of conversion to HTML and XHTML, among others. PSD to HTML is supposedly easy and can be done by even ordinary people. However, this is not always true. If you cannot create a website, then there is a huge probability that you cannot do the conversion as well.

If you want an image to appear on the Internet, you will need to have it converted first. What is good about the process is that it can simply be outsourced. There is no need to slave over and labor too much over the process as there are experts who can do it. The cost is not expensive because PSD to XHTML conversion starts at only $45. The process begins by the client submitting the document, choosing the type of service and paying for it and then it will be chopped and sliced then returned back. If you were the client, you only have to wait only two days turnaround time. This is ideal compared to having to do it yourself. If it’s you’re first time, you will probably be unable to finish it in a week. After all, you will have to research the steps for conversion first.

If you have a need for PSD to XHTML conversion, you will have to choose the service provider wisely. Here are some things to consider:

The company should be W3C compliant.
The company should employ a team of professionals.
Clean semantic coding should be used.
The project should not take too long.
Markups should be hand coded.
Multiple cross-browser compatibility should be focused on.
Costs should be reasonable.
Technical support is vital.
Presence of non-disclosure agreement.
Customer satisfaction should be guaranteed.
Money back should be an option.

Although the list might seem quite long for some, all these should be present in the company you choose. The demand for PSD to HTML, XHTML and the like has grown causing more companies to crop up day by day. If you are mistaken in choosing a company to do the service, you could end up with a website that may not open in all browsers and might not function properly. You can also read client reviews and testimonials as well as visit forums and message boards for companies that are recommended by past clients to help you find a great company.

One company you can try is XHTMLCHOP. This company is comprised of a team of web programming and web design specialists and specializes in conversion, including PSD to WordPress, Joomla, Email, Drupal and many others. The company is large enough to cater to all their clients and offers the best services at low prices. Half of their clients are repeat customers who have expressed satisfaction with their work. If you hire them, you can be assured of high quality work that is not compromised.

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