Mistakes That Can Be Avoided by Expert PSD to HTML Developer

imagesIt is quite disappointing to know that even if you outsource your PSD to HTML conversion service without ensuring that you’re hiring good people who can do quality work. If you just hire any web developer to do the job, there is a risk of you not having the cutting edge website that you wished for. It surely wouldn’t be one if it is riddled with mistakes that developers usually commit during the conversion process to HTML.

However, you would know that your website is safe in the hands of experts who have made thousands of clients happy and who continue to provide satisfaction guaranteed service. That guarantee is your protection against just leaving your websites with the following mistakes even after you have paid professionals to do the PSD to XHTML conversion or whatever conversion process you need:

No proper linking of web pages. If the web pages are linked properly, you would see that each link work and direct you to the correct page where you expect users to land. You need to check if each is clickable to make sure that they are working just right after the web pages are sliced by developers.

Using improperly re-sized images. In most cases, the images are too large for a page. What you need is to use images that are as small as they can be to ensure fast loading time. Moreover, small images can be accessed easily in smaller devices, like mobile phones. Large images should be re-sized using proven good editing software.

Not properly closing the tags. This is usually committed by new web developers. They tend to forget closing some tags, which can lead to poor usability and access to the website. Tags can be closed easily, even by just putting a slash at the end of the line.

Wrong DOCTYPE. An inaccurate DOCTYPE will conceal your web portal property so it should be corrected.

Using inline CSS. Too many CSS codes can cause excessive burden to your HTML files. It’s best to separate the CSS files.

Wrongly saved web pages. If an HTML web editor is used, the resulting file would usually be in .html or .xhtml format. However, the page should be saved as ‘index.html’ for it to be part of the results when someone searches for your domain name. The other pages can then be saved as .html files or in any name that you want.

Saving files in different locations. Related contents should be saved in the same location. To find files easily, name the folders in a way that is relevant to each of their content.

Lacking special character encoding. Special characters should be used sparingly because there are times when search engines can’t read them properly.

You don’t have to worry about these mistakes though if you hire web developers from a trusted name such as XHTMLCHOP. It also helps that they offer their services with 100% satisfaction guarantee, which leads to them having more than 5,500 happy clients. If you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back anyway. There is also the assurance of getting live technical support, email support, and 60 days of free support. They also offer PSD to WordPress, HTML, XHTML, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, HTML5, osCommerce, Opencart, and Email.

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