Why You Should Never Use Software for PSD to HTML Conversion

Convert your PSD to HTMLWhether you are designing a website for a small or large company, or even a blog, you will always be asked to create a prototype using Photoshop before even starting to the actual design phase. There is another option if you don’t want to do the conversion of PSD to WordPress for blogs or any other format. This is by using the services of companies that offer manual conversion.  Some of its benefits include saving a lot of time because you won’t be needing to edit and upload your designs via FTP and then convert PSD to XHTM. Also, the process of converting your design to HTML is labor extensive. Plus, if you are not very confident with your abilities or if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, you should stop now and save yourself from frustrations. In addition, you need to keep in mind that it is not advisable to use software for converting PSD to HTML because of some issues you might encounter in the future, such as incompatibility with certain browsers which will render your masterpiece entirely useless. . If you are wondering, let us discuss why you need to stay away from such software.

Those who are trying to save money often lean towards the use of software because it is definitely cheaper. But as mentioned, instead of the website being useful, it could just be the total opposite if you convert your PSD via this method. The conversion process is a very crucial part in the development of a website and focused attention is needed if you want your website to gain success. There are companies that offer manual conversion services and this is the more desirable way to do it in order to avoid adverse effects such as certain errors than can be fatal to a website. This will drive away your customers and you will find yourself regretting this decision.

This service provider is well-versed and experienced in delivering the best quality PSD to HTML conversion. Being composed of professional web designers and programmers, they are capable of handling any conversion needs you may have. Because they have a huge staff, they are also able to convert large orders, which is perfect if you want to outsource your conversion orders. Aside from fast turnaround time, they have exceptional customer support. All these combined make their relationship with clients a harmonious one, so that half of their revenues come from repeat customers. This service is definitely preferable over using software for converting your designs.

It is very easy to have your designs converted. It can be done in just 3 simple steps. Just send the design, place your order and pay, and you will have your converted file sent to you online. The process is entirely hassle-free. Even if you shell out extra cash for hiring their services, you can work on other tasks instead of doing the conversion yourself, so in the end, it will just breakeven.

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