Why Hand-Coded PSD Conversions Are Still Best

It is a known fact that most websites these days ran from efficient PSD conversion. With the ongoing debate on which is better between PSD to HTML or converting PSD to much advanced XHTML, one thing remains the same—PSD conversions continually reign supreme in providing visually pleasing yet functionally dynamic websites. In an effort to deviate from the usual problems in launching websites to cater to the growing need of audiences for everything quick and easy, chopping of Photoshop data into understandable coding is necessary to address the usual incompatibility and bandwidth issues that most websites have a hard time correcting on their own. With reliable PSD chopping and slicing from topnotch service providers like Xhtmlchop converting such data into understandable html, xhtml, Magento, Drupal, e-Commerce, Joomla, Open Cart and many more can be effectively done in a clean and precise manner. But with all the hype on automation, there is still enough reason to believe that manual coding is still best when it comes to this endeavor. Here are sure signs to telling why:

PSD to HTML conversion service from India


Hand-coding of PSD to XHTML, html, WordPress, Joomla and other CMS platforms is a true deliverer of much-needed attention to certain websites. One distinctive benefit from such technique is in its flawless “hygienic” coding that has the littlest margin for error, if not, zero error at all. Having undergone rigorous W3C validation, one can guarantee sure acceptance of your website as attention to details is obviously more concentrated upon. For people who wish to generate the same amount of awe, pixel perfect conversion can only be delivered via handcrafted chopping technique. This ensures that whatever you have on your Photoshop data, the same will eventually come out on the end result. Flaws will be chopped accordingly and what results is a thoroughly harmonious and personalized effort. Of course, with ultimate multiple browser compatibility and custom PSD to CSS conversion, page load time can be cut down to a minimum resulting in split second loading time. The lesser the effort audiences afforded in launching a site and its content, the greater the possibility of returns.


Apart from the abovementioned benefits, one amazing feature that PSD conversion service providers that XHTMLChop has is in its SEO-friendly tactics and re-development monitoring. As always, search engine optimization practices are still the very hands that rock the great Internet cradle. By creating a web design that is unique and easily understandable by bots and spiders, page rankings can be easily attained thereby increasing the sites ability to attract more visits and backlinks necessary in nailing down its clout. XHTMLChop’s unique semantic coding technique has always been considered top-rated and consistently provides its voluminous accounts easy indexing of their accounts by engine crawlers. Re-update of websites are also very essential as engine spiders are continually being improved now and then. Keeping abreast with the ongoing competition will aim to deliver strategic results.

Choosing Experts

Whether conversion is for a PSD to WordPress blog site or PSD to e-Commerce and open cart for an online shopping website or just simple PSD to HTML and XHTML, choosing reputable professional converter is the very key that holds all the answers for your website’s needs. XHTMLChop is one reputable third party web development company that delivers fastidiously efficient results. This evidently can be seen in its PSD chopped portfolio strewn all over its online site for everyone to check and make comparison with other developers out there. Manned with imaginative, creative and inventive designers and programmers, converting any design format to your choice of CMS is quite a breeze.

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