What You Should Find in a PSD to HTML Conversion Provider

PSD to HTML conversion Not all the PSD to HTML conversion service provider that you can find online can be trusted. This is why it’s best to have at least three top choices before you settle on a company’s services. Time should be devoted to researching about each option so you will get to know it better and know whether it is the right company for you.

It should help in your selection process if you know what a good PSD conversion provider is like. Here are the top things to consider while looking at various service providers:

Experience. The basic foundation of a good PSD to XHTML service provider would be experienced web developers. You can tell just how experienced they are by looking at their portfolio. It should have websites that you would want your website to be like. It would even be better if you can find PHP programmers and developers who not only know how to convert PSD to HTML5, XHTML, HTML, Email, Drupal, Magento, WordPress or Joomla but also vector conversion from bitmap. Make sure you get to familiarize yourself with all the services offered by the company.

Cost. Although it’s natural to be concerned with the cost of the PSD conversion because of the budget that you have to follow, this isn’t enough reason for you to choose the cheapest service if it is of inferior quality. It is up to you to consider both cost and quality. It would be better if the service provide is open about their costing method without hidden charges. You can also deal better with companies that offer quotation of whatever service you want to avail of. You might find cheaper rates from freelancers but the quality might be compromised. It would be a safer bet to hire an established PSD to WordPress conversion provider.

Communication. The coding of your website only becomes successful if you can communicate openly with the web developers to tell them what you expect from your converted website. If the process of correspondence between the client and the web developer is already streamlined, this will clarify a lot of things from the technical aspect of the conversion. It’s important for the customers to easily come in contact with the developer, especially if some small changes are about to be implemented.

Punctuality. The web developers should be professional enough to respect the deadlines that the customers have set. A single minute lost in not putting a coded website online might mean hundreds of opportunities lost to make a sale.

Confidentiality. Everything that is to be used in the website, such as your design and the content of the site itself, should be kept private. A non-disclosure agreement should be signed between the client and the PSD conversion provider.

Manual conversion. To ensure that the website will be cleanly coded and not have bug or errors later, it should be hand coded.

These things can be found in a PSD conversion provider such as XHTMLCHOP. They have been doing business for years and have grown confident in their web developers’ ability to the extent that they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their service is also covered with 60-day free support, technical support, and email support. Your coded website will also be compatible with the latest versions of browsers so it can be opened by various users around the world.

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