What Makes PSD to WordPress Conversion SEO Friendly

Convert your PSD to wordpressGetting to that golden first page in the Google rankings is something that millions of websites are vying for. However, you definitely wouldn’t have a shot at this opportunity if your website is in Photoshop Document (PSD) format. What you need is PSD to WordPress conversion service to ensure that you will get the search engines’  attention.

Though PSD to HTML conversion and other conversion services are available, you may want to pay close attention to your website’s conversion to WordPress. This Content Management Solution (CMS) is already proven to be search engine friendly. It is because of its features, which include the following:

It allows easy editing of its content. You might be fully aware of how important content is when it comes to search engines, especially with the 2012 changes in the search engine algorithm of Google, the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.

If you want to add new content to your WordPress blog, just log in to your account, fill in the title and make sure it has your keyword in it, write the body of the article, and publish it with a click of a button.

Another thing about WordPress is that the content remains as it is when it gets published as when you wrote it. It might seem as though you’re just writing a Word document.

It has customizable permalinks. Your permalinks determine your URL. Whatever your blog is called, it will be reflected on the URL. This allows your keyword/s in the title to be found in your URL too. This is how Google and other search engines can easily locate your keywords and possibly rank the article for those keywords.

It is Open Source software. WordPress is available for free download.

Just make sure you go to WordPress.org so you will have your own server and domain. This is significantly different than when you use WordPress.com.

Being open source, WordPress can always rely on web developers and programmers to work on the source code for its improvement. As one of its users, you will benefit from every single update done to it too.

It has a clean website code. As long as you keep yourself away from those free WordPress themes, your website and its reputation should be fine. Those free themes pose a risk of linking your website to inappropriate websites or unrelated sites, which might get you penalized by Google. Just invest on a WordPress theme that may cost you $50 to $100.

It has RSS feeds. Every WordPress post that you publish gets sourced out by feed directories. If readers like your post, they can subscribe to your feed. With every post that you make, these subscribers will be informed about it.

It has search engine-friendly website architecture. You can use categories and tags to neatly organize your pages and posts. This allows you to create a map of your website while making sure that the readers can easily move from one page or post to the other.

It has auto pinging. With every post that you make, WordPress alerts the search engines and attracts the attention of search engine bots to visit your site and check out its new content.

It can be installed with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and a site map. Google Analytics help you monitor the results of your SEO efforts.

Google Webmaster Tools allows you access to broken links, pages that prevent Google from seeing your website, keyword renames, and the number of search engine users visiting your website through SERPs.

A site map connects all the pages in your website, showing the search engine bots where they should go.

It is interactive. Comments are allowed in WordPress. Your readers can communicate with you and vice versa.

Many of those comments too are loaded with keywords. Those search engine bots would surely take those keywords into consideration.

It allows for the optimization of images. Each image that you add to your WordPress post can be given an image title and alt text. These allow Google to read your image when the search engine cannot read the image on its own.

It has a lot of SEO-friendly plugins. These improve the functionality of the WordPress website without enlisting the services of web programmers.

If you need PSD to XHTML, WordPress, HTML, or any other format, all you have to do is look up the services of expert programmers online. Research, compare, and ensure that they all offer manually sliced pages during the conversion.

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