The Real Truth behind PSD to HTML and SEO

PSD to html conversion for SEO-friendliness

Creating a website involves two critical factors. These are an attractive and functional design and relevant content. If either is not present, your website will be serving its purpose of generating traffic and profits. To have an attractive and functional web design you need to convert your web design from PSD to HTML.

A website design done in PSD format is still the best way to create an attractive design. However, today a PSD format is not longer a functional web design. Major web browsers are not compatible with PSD formatted web designs. This means, web browsers a long time to load your website.

Cross browser compatibility of a PSD to XHTML web design brings forth the importance of the relationship between PSD conversion and search engine optimization (SEO). Simply having an attractive design will not allow your website to have a good ranking in search engine result pages. A good rank is important for increased web traffic and profitability. A website that lacks a functional design will not be able to achieve this.

Take a look at how an HTML conversion can have a positive effect in your search engine optimization campaign:

HTML coding is what makes your website running on the Internet. Without a valid HTML code, your website will not load.
Major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Bing, Ask etc.. Rank websites in results pages based on the quality of the website’s HTML code. Other than a valid HTML code, search engines also give importance to website structure, original content and availability of relevant keywords.
A valid HTML code helps search engine “spider” a website. If your web page is not coded properly, search engines will not be able to “spider” your website and it will not gain a top spot in search engine result pages.

Unlike in the past, HTML is today a complex markup language. Webmasters who are not so well verse in the coding process are prone to come up with wrongly coded websites. A website that wrongly coded will not attract search engines and will therefore affect search engine optimization efforts.

Search engine optimization is the ultimate goal of every website owner. A well optimized website gets a good rank in search engines which in turn result in more visitors. The more visitors get to view your products and services the more sales you generate and therefore the more profitable you become.

Search engine optimization efforts will prove futile if your web page design remains in PSD format. For your search engine optimization campaign to be effective your web page in PSD format needs to be converted to HTML, XHTML or WordPress.

If you want a fully optimized web site, Xhtmlchop
 ( can help you convert PSD to WordPress, HTML or XHTML. All conversions done by Xhtmlchop have been validated by the Web Consortium, (W3C) ensuring that the conversion conforms to HTML, XHTML, WordPress, CSS etc… website validating program. With this assurance you are sure that all your conversion requirements can be easily optimized.

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