PSD to HTML: The Perfect Solution to Enhance Your Web Presence

An enhanced web presence will assure significant traffic to your website. What use is a website if targeted customers are not able to view it? Website design is not only important for the cool appearance of your site. To ensure your web design meets search engine requirements you need to PSD conversion services such as PSD to HTML.

PSD to HTML conversion

A well-designed website assures a good rank in search engine results papers. A good search engine rank will in turn allow your target customers to easily find you on the web resulting in increased sales and profits. A PSD conversion is the best solution to an enhanced web presence for your website because of these reasons:

PSD conversion allows for an attractive website.
PSD conversion improves search engine optimization of your website.
PSD conversion ensures cross-browser compatibility thus your website will load fast regardless of browser.
PSD conversion makes your website user-friendly.

PSD is the file format of web designs done with Adobe Photoshop. Search engine optimization is not maximized if your web design is in a PSD format. You therefore need services to convert your PSD files to formats that will allow your website to be fully optimized.

Converting your PSD file to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) involves coding techniques which ensures successful search engine optimization results. A PSD file converted to HTML allows users to access a user-friendly website.

Because of the tough competition amongst websites with similar market niches, a professional looking website gives it more reliability. Converting PSD files to HTML provides a useful mark-up to allow for cross-browser compatibility.


XTML (Extensible HTML) is the twin of HTML with only minor differences. XTML is actually an offshoot of HTML to adapt to XML standards. The main difference lies in the coding procedure. XHTML employs a stricter coding process than HTML. XTML was developed to prevent HTML coded pages from sometimes looking differently when accessed through different browsers.

Despite the difference a PSD to XHTML conversion allows PSD images to be converted into a coded language that will allow cross-browser compatibility. A PSD file converted to XHTLM is the most preferred conversion method by most web developers because such a conversion is able to build a successful interactive website.

The conversion likewise makes the site W3C (Worldwide web Consortium) compliant. The validation ensures that your website will function smoothly and is presentable as well.

PSD to WordPress

WordPress provides templates to make it easy to build a website. WordPress also enables to easily manage a lot of websites with varying designs. This means savings in time and money. The downside of WordPress is the fact that multiple websites have the tendency of having similar design templates. This takes the uniqueness feature out of websites. To eliminate this handicap, a PSD to WordPress conversion needs to be done.

Converting PSD formats to WordPress allows you customized the theme of your website for a more appealing look. A website that has the same appearance as other sites in the web will run the risk of losing business opportunities.

The conversion will also allow you to easily edit your own web pages. Cross-browser compatibility is another big advantage of this conversion. A website that loads fast, regardless of browser, nails search engine optimization efforts.

XHTML Chop will be able to provide you with all the PSD conversion services you need with 100% satisfaction.

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