Handcoding Relevance to PSD Conversion

It has always been said that the most efficient and viable web development technique is PSD to HTML conversion (or its interactive twin, XHTML). But what makes it even more effective is in the method that which it was being done. If you check carefully websites today, it can be visibly seen how some make professional efforts while others dive into the realm of mediocrity. The reason behind all this is none other than handcoding. Behind every efficient organization of website are able hands of expert developers who can make customization efforts fitted to the objective of your business. Unlike automation, manually done techniques are still the most sophisticated of its kind. Though fast, machines can only do so much according to predetermined programs. With handcoded conversion, the apt saying “there is joy in waiting” truly adheres to how it can provide websites visual magnetism and efficiency needed in today’s cutthroat competition. Here are other reasons why such tactic is still deem best by developers and business owners over the years.

Precision and Quality

One of the main reasons why some websites choose handcoded PSD to XHTML or CMS platform conversion lay in its precise and qualitative results. Though it can take longer than automated ones, the very reason behind this is in the development procedure on code quality. Automation provides “generic” results, the breeding ground of errors that can irrevocably put your website in danger. Online audiences do not have the patience for websites that are either too slow to launch or looks broken when launched in another platform. These problems are normal in automated conversions. Unlike XHTMLchop’s handcoded conversions, results are always specific and detailed adhering completely to W3C consortium with semantic language that is easily identifiable by any browser. This is quite relevant as every website do has its own array of requirements. Every expert PSD convert specialist knows that the best way to do so is to tailor-cut a PSD makeup to serve its purpose.

Flexibility and Adaptability

So much more so in CMS conversions like PSD to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento where detailing and individuality are important characteristics to incorporate to the design, handcoded PSD conversions do not simply adhere to pre-determined model that create generic results. Manual conversion experts like XHTMLchop sees to it that its team of web developers and designers has full control over website’s structured codes. This means that results generated are more compliant to the requirements and specifications needed and not just to what is available. Along with this, xhtmlchop’s human web developers and designers who are experts in their field can easily infuse SEO-ready codes necessary for such platforms to be recognized easily by engine bots. This is very essential especially in today’s cutthroat economy where page rankings still count.


Some says that cost with hand-coded conversion is quite higher than automated ones. But that cannot be said with XHTMLchop which, amidst its expert hand-coding methods, still deliver affordable choices depending on your choice of conversion. The key is to find what suits best your web development agenda and choose from its variation of packages complete with samples. Definitely, there is one handcoded feature that will surely add robustness to your site’s visual allure.

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