Costs, Processes and Features of PSD to XHTML

imagesWeb designing has offered a wider scope for innovation and creativity. People with average knowledge on web development and design could now have their simple PSD design of the website. These designs could be converted to an extended and widely-used mark-up language – XHTML. We commonly use PSD to XHTML conversion to make compatible and expedient templates for commonly use CMS –Wordpress, Joomla, OsCommerce, Drupal and more. With these conversion and coding services, we could initiate the built and structure of our site.

Basics of PSD to XHTML

PSD, a default field extension of Adobe System’s Photoshop program, welcomes creative input which could be translated as a part of your web design and development. If you would like to impart your personal preference on your site’s layout, design, content and style, you could create your own PSD files and have them converted in XHTML. As a flexible markup language, universally acceptable online, XHTML makes your design mobilized and utilized in your site. This is one of the most expedient means to build the structure and orientation of your website. A professional company on PSD conversion could assist you with these processes.

Features of PSD to HTML

You could find the following salient features of conversion process for PSD to HTML among companies:

Optimized coding from semantic markup

Valid and Strict CSS and XHTML markup

Hand-coded markups

Lightweight and table-less CSS

Cross-browser compatibility

These salient features might be presented to you by practically all service providers online but if you want to guarantee that you get the service you need, you could check on these additional services you should demand from your partner:

They should present fast turnaround but the quality should never be compromised.

You need to get pixel-free graphics and this means perfect coding and conversion techniques from your provider.

You need to get not only cross-browser compatibility but latest browser compatibility.

Discounts and promotions must also be presented to you.

Maintenance and technical support must also be included on your packages.

Quotation of PSD Conversions

Relatively, PSD conversions are With the complexity of the task and knowledge-specified requirements of the conversion, these, however, serve as a good investment for you. As a guideline on the price ranges of common conversion services you might need, you could check on these competitive market rates presented by Xhtmlchop:

A PSD to Xhtml Package could be outsourced for only $45. This is reasonable for a two-day turnaround time.

If you would like to get advanced SEO ready PSD to XHTML, price ranges from $65 to $95. These are inclusive of additional inner page.

PSD to WordPress commonly has up to $150. However, functional WordPress theme package from this company only rates $99.

Prices of conversion also vary from the complexity of style and layout of your design. Xhtmlchop, the leading provider of fast and quality conversion services has guaranteed value for the price you pay. They have all ranges of services you might demand, as well.

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