Common Mistakes to Avoid in PSD to HTML Conversions

There are many steps involved in developing a website. A webmaster needs to come up with a functional design, relevant content and most especially a user friendly site. The process can be a tedious task even with all the technology available. All the steps need to be done the right to ensure that you have a well functioning website. One common mistake of website developers is in the process of converting PSD to HTML.

PSD to HTML conversion service

Website designs are often still created using PSD formats. Major browsers though no longer support this format. Web designs in PSD formatted designs take long to load and no longer to the standards set by the W3C for cross browser compatibility.

It will therefore benefit your website if you entrust the conversion of your PSD to XHTML or HTML to a highly reliable conversion service such as Xhtmlchop

With this service provider you will be assured that your conversion requirements will be free of the common mistakes and errors in conversion that will spell the big difference between having a well function and a high performing website. These mistakes are often committed by less experienced conversion providers. Some these common mistakes include:

1. Not closing tags correctly.  This is a common mistake committed by less experienced conversion services. If tags are not correctly closed, your website cannot be easily accessed by potential users. This will mean lost opportunity for your business. Closing tags the right way will make your website highly accessible because it will be easily searchable.
2.Not having CSS in a sequence. It is a grave mistake to overload a HTML file. Each file must have a separate CSS file. The CSS file must also be inline or in sequence to make the design highly functional.
3.Not having the right DOCTYPE. Having the right DOCTYPE will give web browsers an idea of the type of HTML your website has. With this information web browsers will be able to load your website fast and properly.
4.Missed out special character codes. Special characters need to be used sparingly because there is a high possibility that search engines may not be able to “read” them correctly. Inexperienced conversion providers often commit this mistake.
5.Not having an ALT attribute. Alt attributes describe your website design. If the conversion does not have an image tag with an Alt attribute or the right Alt attribute, your website design will likewise not function properly.

Converting PSD to WordPress, HTML or XHTML is a task that needs to be done only by reliable and experienced conversion providers. No matter how attractive your website design is, if they are not converted properly to HTML, XHTML or WordPress, they will be useless. Without the right conversion, search engines will not give be able to index your website well making it difficult for your customers to find you on the World Wide Web. Should customers be able to find your website, they will not be patient enough to wait for a poorly converted PSD design to load on a web browser.

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