Best Practices to Look for in Your PSD to HTML Service Provider

Xchop for well designed PSDDo you want to get your website ranked in search engine results? If you do, your PSD website is a hindrance in your way towards ranking in Google or other search engines. What you need is PSD to HTML conversion to ensure that your website will have search engine-friendly semantic coding and more.

There are several options to getting PSD to XHTML, HTML, WordPress, or CSS formatting, such as the following:

DIY. You can follow step-by-step tutorials to slice your PSD website and convert it to HTML. However, you still need web development background to do this perfectly and get a functional website. There’s too much riding on this conversion if you’re using your website for business so this solution might not be recommended unless you are an experienced web developer.

Software. You can use software to automatically develop coding for your website. However, the resulting website might not be bug free and W3C validated. The conversion to PSD might create a totally different website from the one you made using PSD. This might offer you the quickest conversion process but it also presents a lot of problems for your website.

Hand coding. You can expect the converted website to be W3C compliant, 100% error-free, compatible with major web browsers, and complete with semantic coding. This is the most favorable option for PSD conversion that you can have if you want to achieve better ranking in the SERPs.

In hiring a web developer, you need to ensure that the professional carries out the following best practices in PSD conversion:

Validating all codes. The developer should validate all the codes to avoid coding errors.

Avoiding inline styles. Inline styling should be avoided while the developer is still working on the markup of the website. This should be done after the successful coding of the website.

Not using div tags. Most web developers overuse div tags after every paragraph and more of these tags for multiple div tags. These will only render the website inefficient.

Avoiding capitalization on tag names. Capitalization will only ruin code readability and visual appeal of the website. Lower case should be used for the mark-ups.

Unordered listing. This helps improve the easy navigation of the website. The web developer should combine CSS with unordered list element for more appealing menus.

Indenting mark-ups. This can improve readability of the website and the easy interpretation of the website codes.

If you are looking for manual coding for PSD to WordPress, HTML, XHTML, Drupal, and other formats, you may want to consider XHTMLCHOP. They guarantee hand coded XHTML strict markup, semantic coding, clean W3C valid CSS, light-weight tableless CSS layout, non-disclosure agreement, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. They also offer 60 days free support, email support, and live technical support. Since the company started offering PSD conversion service, they have already satisfied more than 5,500 clients and counting. If you’re interested in their service, just send your design, place your order, pay for it, and wait for the delivery of the chopped website.

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