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About PSD to HTML serviceWhen a regular person reads PSD to HTML and XHTML, there is a high probability that he doesn’t know what this means. It’s because this technical term is not a common thing for him. Although he may know about website and the Internet, he does not necessarily know what goes into it and how it’s made and developed. Besides, there is no need for him to know about it unless he plans to make one. And why should he bother when he can easily outsource this service?

Basically, the reason for the conversion of a PSD file is for efficiency of web design. HTML, XHTML and WordPress are better choices than PSD files thus the need for conversion. PSD to XHTML, HTML, WordPress and the like is a service best done by skilled and experienced people. This is because the process needs to be hand-coded, needs to be cross-compatible across different browsers and should be W3C compliant. This can be difficult to understand and execute if you are not familiar with this. Fortunately, you will only have to pay and the service will be performed then delivered to you.

But the problem lies in choosing the service provider. There are a number of companies that offer to convert PSD files for you at affordable prices. But you do have to ensure that you are also getting quality and error-free work. One company you can rely on is xhtmlchop. If you hire them to perform the conversion, you can be assured of cross-browser compatibility, advanced use of semantics, W3C compliance and will be done manually. This company aims for perfection and they are dedicated to providing high quality work. Most importantly, their rates are affordable. The cost for PSD to XHTML is only $45 while PSD to WordPress package is only $99 and already includes HTML. Aside from this, they also perform PSD to Email, Joomla, Magento, Opencart and many more.

PSD to HTML and the like is beneficial in several ways. For one, it allows your website to be accessible to many users. The feature of cross-browser compatibility allows different users to view your website on their respective computers. Whether a person uses Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, he can access your site instantly. Second, content management becomes easy as the conversion allows CMS integration. Third, semantic coding makes the website search engine friendly. It allows search engines to crawl easily to your site for indexing, thereby increasing your rank. Fourth, load time is reduced and the design is uniquely created. Most people are attracted to well-designed sites and your website will be such if you employ the conversion.

Suffice to say that if you have a website, you will need to have your PSD files converted. It will help your website immensely which will prove to be beneficial to you in the future. Just make sure you select a service provider that is not only affordable and reliable but also offers technical and customer support when you need it most.

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