Top Three Benefits of Converting PSD the Handcoded Way

It is a known fact that when it comes to image editing, Photoshop continually reigns supreme. Apart from photo enhancements and re-hashing, it is also one ultimate factor that makes website templates truly tasteful and pleasing to online subscribers. But amidst all these benefits, it is also known to face various problems especially when loaded on browsers. That is why for a Photoshop-ed website to become an efficient marketing tool for a business, owners and developers must always seek ways to convert PSD to HTML. This conversion is renowned to be of much help in augmenting viability of websites in various search engines. Website being the best platform in brand marketing can somehow be only effective in as much effort is being extended to its design and development. No matter how great the Photoshop data when conversion is so-so, ill-effects of such conversions will only generate nothing but low conversion rates. That is why for a PSD conversion to generate the objectives it wish to attain must delve into handcoding techniques like the one being continually espoused by reliable companies like XHTMLChop.

PSD to HTML conversion

Unique With Least Bandwidth Requirement

When it comes to developing uniquely enticing websites, it is every web developer’s purpose to deliver topnotch PSD to XHTML or simple HTML results that require the least bandwidth requirement possible. this particular arrangement is fast becoming the hype in website development as it espouses the shortest load time possible. The faster the loading time of a page when found in search engine rankings, the greater the chances that people will click and re-visit your website. Creating a unique design is essential in today’s fiercely competitive online market as it paves the way for individuality of your undertaking. Photoshop data can provide such uniqueness and to make it even more captivating, conversion factors are handcoded efficiently to guarantee reduction in loading time usually present in intricately designed websites. XHTMLchop, for instance, has a unique handcoded slicing or chopping conversion tool that do not only provide one-of-a-kind outcome but can also be loaded in the shortest time possible.

Intelligent CMS Integration

For blog sites, the use of PSD to WordPress conversion factor is also another aspect that makes CMS integration a success. There is nothing more astounding that creating a much manageable and sustainable website with WordPress themes. This is quite apt for businesses with active web portal and who wish to indulge in highly imaginative and creative PSD format as well. From PSD conversion to XHTML then to WordPress, XHTMLChop provides the fastest turnaround time at four to seven days from receiving your file. Regardless of your layout, highest markup level is guaranteed to be provided to your website with added benefit of advanced and fast-speed launching.

Cross Browser Harmony

Of course, when it comes to PSD conversion to either XHTML or HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other platform, cross-browser compatibility is an important aspect that must be considered. Most computers these days are equipped with various browsers and having a PSD-based platform that can work on all major browsers used is definitely an advantage to the incoming traffic that you wish to enjoy. With XHTMLchop’s unique handcoding method, cross browser harmonization is even made more efficient with fastest launch time possible on all platforms available.

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