How to Avoid ‘Download’ Icon over mailer Images in Gmail

Gmail shows download icon on images of HTML Email

Whenever email is being opened or tested in Gmail inbox, it shows download icon over some of images. Basically all the images without anchor or link shows such download icon.

Gmail adds download icon on some images(images without anchor or link). It treats those images as attachment and allow them to view as Google Drive Image.

How to Avoid?

There are 3 options to fix such unwanted icons.

Option 1:
Add following css class to within <style> tag.
.a5q {display: none !important;}

Option 2:
Add following style to <head> within <style> tag.
tabletabletable div {display: none !important;}

Option 3:
We can fixed this by wrapping the large images inside an anchor tag like this below:
<a href="" style="cursor:default;"><img src="your large image file"></a>

Note: If you don’t want the user’s cursor to indicate image as a link, add style=’cursor: default;’ to your img element.

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