Are You Taking Advantage Of Email Marketing Attract New Customers To Your Ecommerce Business?

If you have been running an ecommerce business or an online store, you would have already experienced the pressure of competition in your niche. There would already be hundreds of stores competing for the customers and amidst such competition, making your store top the competition and attract new customers is not easy. You need to make use of all possible avenues to rope in new customers and to retain the existing customers by increasing customer loyalty. One of the proven methods to achieve the above goals is to use email marketing.

Why Email Marketing Is Key To Customer Acquisition?

The internet is flooded with competition and existing businesses as well as new startups struggle a great deal to drive organic traffic to their online stores. It is close to impossible to rank top ten ranking in Google or in the other search engines. In this context, email marketing comes as a handy solution. You do not have to worry about your Google ranking or worry about your success rate with social media visibility. You will be able to send your marketing messages and offers directly to the targeted customers’ inbox. 

Search engine ranking efforts, PPC campaigns, social media marketing costs will keep increasing and at a much faster rate depending on the competition level in your niche and depending on the keywords you target. The costs also depend on your specific target group and the geographic territory. All these challenges are not present with email marketing. When compared to the other organic traffic generation methods or paid traffic generation methods, email marketing is more affordable and in fact one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies even today, a period when social media marketing is ruling the roost.

Top Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing brings you a wide range of benefits to your ecommerce business. Here are some of the top benefits of email marketing campaigns.

  • Increase customer acquisition rate – You will be sending your emails to people already shown interest in your products or services and opted to receive your marketing mails. Even if not immediately, when you reach them regularly through your emails, the conversion is bound to happen. The customer acquisition rate will gradually increase as you continue increasing your list size and carefully plan your email content.
  • Better customer loyalty – The customer loyalty rate will increase through well planned email marketing and regular newsletters. Email marketing campaigns and newsletters help you remain in touch with your customers. Even if they do not open your marketing mails or your newsletters, they are noticing your brand name every time you send out a marketing mail or a newsletter. Not every customer opens every newsletter, but not all newsletters are totally ignored too.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility – If your email campaigns are well planned out for an entire year and if you keep pushing the content in a systematic way, you will be able to increase your brand visibility. The difference between the most successful brand and a less successful brand is often a question of brand visibility.

Email Marketing Offers Highly Valuable Data

When you send a marketing mail to your opt-in list, you will be able to gain access to a wealth of data. You will be able to know everything from how many people opened your marketing mail, how many people clicked on the links and so on. You will be able to find the most effective timing for your email blast based on the response rate. Every additional bit of data that you use will help you plan your next email marketing campaign better. With most of the marketing strategies or traffic generation strategies, you will not be able to get such a range of useful data. 

How To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Work For You?

Email marketing is highly effective in drawing new customers to your business. This, however, does not mean that every campaign will hit that success button. You should know that there are failed email campaigns too. The effectiveness and the success rate of the email campaigns will depend on a number of factors. 

You need to take into consideration factors such as email content optimization, user engagement, email blast timing and day, target group segregation or segmentation, and so on. The effectiveness of email marketing is proven beyond doubt, but not all email marketing campaigns are equally successful. Careful planning and implementation are key to the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Why Attractive Email Designs Are Crucial To Email Marketing Success?

You need to understand that your customers will already be receiving countless marketing mails. If you want to grab their attention, then it is possible only through a highly attractive email design. Adequate thinking has to go into the creation of impressive email designs and enticing email copy. You need to make use of the industry experts to design your emails and to create your email marketing copy for each mailer that you send. You will be able to get back every penny you spend, so do not worry about investing in creating and releasing stunning marketing mails. Just make sure that you do not ignore the quality of the emails designed, and the content used in the emails to boost your rate of success.

XChop Saves the Day For You

If you are feeling stuck not knowing where to get started with your email marketing campaign or how to design your emails, then Xchop will save the day for you. With several years of experience under its belt, Xchop designs irresistible emails and newsletters. You will be able to get professionally designed emails for your email campaigns and stunning newsletter designs for ongoing customer connect-efforts. 

All the emails and newsletters are hand-coded by Xchop experts. All the designs are completely tested in more than 15 devices and as high as 50 email clients to ensure that your emails are rendering correctly regardless of the device type or the email client. 

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