Launching Retina Display CSS Technique

XhtmlChop is proud to add Retina Display Compatibility option to its PSD to Conversion services to ensure the best quality output. Make your web pages come alive in Retina Display compatible pages and get more mileage for your web design investment.


Top Benefits Of Retina Display Compatibility

  • Your web pages will become more user friendly to the users that make use of devices with Retina Displays.
  • Improves the quality of the images in Retina Displays.
  • Helps you leverage the best out of the users that access your websites with gadgets that have Retina Displays.
  • Enhances the cross browser compatibility of your web pages including iPad and iPhone browsers.

We are here to answer your questions! Some common FAQs

1. What is Retina display?
“Retina” display refers to the screen technology devised by Apple for its iPhones, iPad and MacBook Pro. It lends the devices with a high resolution of 300 or more pixels thereby providing a clear image to the viewers.

2. What applications currently support the Retina display?
All Latest Apple Devices including the OS X Lion on your MacBook Pro with Retina display already support the Retina display.

3. What do you require for retina display ready site?
We would just require high-resolution psd file of minimum 300dpi.

4. Why do I need retina display?
Retina display is the new concept and technology by apple for their devices. Clear high resolution images give different feel to the site and also to the viewer.

5. Is there any special way to design psd file?
Your designer can take care of rounded corner elements in the layout and ensure that they are not blurry and use high resolution images for graphics and banners; that’s it.

6. Is it necessary to provide two designs- one with normal dpi and other one with 300dpi?
No. You can just provide us one psd file with minimum 300 dpi and just specify the desired width of the layout between 960px to 1000px. We shall resize the psd as per need.

7. What fonts should be used in retina display ready layout?
We strongly recommend using web compatible fonts like Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS etc. because these fonts are supported very well. You can also use google fonts.

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