Launching PSD to Responsive Joomla Template Services

XhtmlChop is launching Responsive Joomla Template package to its PSD to Conversion services to facilitate the advance needs of websites. PSD to Responsive Joomla Service provides a dynamic and user-friendly Joomla template with responsive feature for mobile, tablets and desktop devices.


Top Feature of PSD to Responsive Joomla Package

  • Fully Functional Joomla Template
  • Compatible Across Browser, Mobile & Tablets
  • Easily Editable Template Through Dashboard
  • Optimized for SEO & Load Speed
  • Conditional Layout/Column Alignment
  • Suitable Component and Extension Selections
  • Easy to Use Module Mapping
  • Multi-Language, News and Events Management

We are here to answer your questions! Some common FAQs

1. What is PSD to Responsive Joomla Package?
PSD to Responsive Joomla Package contains a dynamic and user-friendly Joomla template with responsive feature for mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

2. What version of Joomla do you support as responsive template?
We use and recommend latest version of Joomla 3.1 as responsive conversion.

3. What I get with this package?
You get the advance Joomla support with following feature.

  • W3c compliant validation standards
  • All Major browsers and OS support and testing
  • 100% well structured and easy to understand hand coded
  • Google Speed and SEO Optimization
  • Light-Weighted CSS and optimized div structure as per joomla standard
  • Liquid width layout support
  • Joomla version options 3.1, 3.0 or 2.
  • Onsite installation and support.
  • Responsive Layout compatibility with different devices and resolutions.
  • Single page portfolio
  • Multi-language, News and Event support

4. What compatibility support my site will get?
Internet Explorer Version 7 onward
Mobile devices like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone
Ipad/android tablet

5. What will be the turn-around time?
Minimum 5-7 working days. (single page)
It varies depending on the complexity and number of pages.

6. What kind of design/PSD I need to submit?
Any PSD as per the web-standard requirement can work for PSD to Joomla conversion.
The standard layout widths are – 940px / 960px / 980px (with 72 dpi)

For Responsive conversion the width varies as below –
Wide-screen Width : 1200px / 1170px / 1000px / 980px / 960px etc.
Tablet Screen Width : 800px / 768px / 640px etc.
Mobile Width : 320px / 460px etc.

7. What if I have only one layout width to convert responsive Joomla template?
If you don’t have multiple width layout for site, we can follow the standard responsive conversion. The standard responsive layout will have the standard width and column switching as liquid screen in tablets, mobile and desktop devices.

8. Can you convert my existing site to responsive Joomla?
Yes, we do. Please contact us with your current site url.

9. What extensions and module you use?
Depending on the layout/Design need, we use the non-commercial extension from the
We also support for commercial extensions, if you have the license and provide us the extensions.

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