What is Shopify 2.0? What are the advantages and features?

Shopify 2.0

What exactly is Shopify 2.0?

The Shopify 2.0 is the ideal method for bringing your Shopify store into your application! With added command over your store, you have more opportunity with your items in your application than at any other time!

The Shopify 2.0 feature is a fantastic upgrade to our previous Shopify feature, and it allows you to not only import products from your Shopify store, but also control how they appear in your app. You can also create custom collections of items and add actions such as the ability to call in for future availability of a sold out product.

Every page has a section.

Online Store 2.0 introduces a new JSON template format that allows you to add new and existing sections to most pages in your theme, as well as add and remove sections directly from the Shopify theme editor.

This feature enables merchants to personalise many more aspects of their store without the assistance of a developer. It also enables developers to create themes with more modular components that are easier to maintain.

Online Store 2.0 App Blocks

Previously, the way an app is embedded and interacts with a Shopify store was fairly fixed. Unless the app developer provides custom integrations or specific compatible settings, the app will appear in the store where it was intended to. With Online Store 2.0, apps are now delivered in blocks within a page, giving merchants complete control over which pages they appear on and where they appear. You can even change the app settings directly in the theme editor! A Shopify revolution for merchants as well as app developers.

Metafields are now available.

Metafields are additional pieces of information that can be assigned to specific Shopify components such as individual pages, customers, or orders. Previously, Shopify only allowed the page title and a single rich text editor for any page, product, or collection’s page content. But what if you wanted to add more specific fields or information to a specific section of the page, such as an ingredient list or a size chart? Metafield apps were always the first choice for accomplishing this, but now there’s good news: Shopify has launched its own metafield functionality that can be edited directly on the product, product, or collection page without the need for APIs or third-party apps. With Shopify’s file system, metafields can even support a wide range of file types.

Some of the most effective methods for making changes in the meta fields are:

  • Flexibility: The Metafields provide a great deal of flexibility for safely importing commerce data.
  • Standard Meta Fields: Standard meta fields are used across market verticals to make it easier for custom themes to get started.
  • Presentation Hints: For rendering store data, presentation hints are added to meta fields.
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