Characteristics of Professional PSD to HTML Conversion Service

imagesOne important step for you to start establishing an online presence is to have PSD to HTML conversion service. However, this can’t be done unless you have a background in web development and programming. Instead, you can settle with hiring professionals for the task of slicing and coding your website even if you would still want to do its web design.

You have to know though that not all the service providers offering PSD conversion can be trusted. All the available options that you have only make it even more difficult to find the truly professional providers of PSD conversion services. However, you can distinguish them from the rest because of the following important characteristics:

Packed package for a certain price. PSD to WordPress, HTML, XHTML or any PSD conversion service isn’t exactly cheap if you want to be assured of the quality of the service. The price may help you tell what kind of service you can expect from the web developers.

The basic features that you can expect from a PSD conversion offer should include W3C compatibility, browser compatibility, SEO semantic coding, and more. However, you might find some companies that develop service packages, wherein only a few of these features are available if you’re willing to pay more.

Instead of comparing the face value of the services offered by the company, make sure to compare the rate of each type of service. Make sure to ask about possible hidden fees too to avoid any surprise after you have availed of their service.

Quality HTML CSS markup. You will know the work of a professional on an HTML CSS markup because it is neat, search engine friendly, reliable, fast, and easy to maintain or update.

First, you should compare how the sliced website looks when accessed through different web browsers. Let your family, friends, and colleagues help and try using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers too.

You can also check the markup quality of the professionals’ work by using online validators from the W3C. All you have to do is log in to the websites and get an instant response about whether your HTML/CSS markup after the PSD to XHTML, HTML, or WordPress complies with the W3C standards.

It is also important that the HTML CSS markup is made with code structuring and semantic coding. However, this evaluation is too technical for a non-web developer so you can ask for help or at least get a guarantee about semantic coding from the service provider.

Manual coded markups. Hand coding is a significant part of coding, but only if it is organized and qualified. If it is not structured, the code might still function but it would be difficult to read and understand it. This makes modifying or updating the code even more of a challenge. It’s not enough that you get hand coded service from web developers but you should ask them about how they follow internal standards and protocols that correspond to the industry rules and W3C recommendations.

You will likely not have any trouble seeing all these characteristics in many of the web developers and programmers from XHTMLCHOP. This is a company that provides PSD conversion services with hand coded XHTML strict markup, clean W3C valid XHTML/CSS, semantic markup, light-weight tableless CSS layout, and 60-day free support. You may not question why the company has managed to make more than 5,500 clients happy because of their 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. These things make them a company worth hiring and recommending.

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