10 Prime Reasons for choosing Prestashop


There are several factors that have to be accounted for prior to starting a business of e-commerce. Apart from the business plan and team of workers, you got to be particular about the tools and techniques that you will be implementing for selling your products. This post embodies 10 prime reasons for why you have to opt for Prestashop.

It is a known fact that IT companies as well as the E-commerce developers are conversant about the best tools they would want to use in completion of their projects. These experts also suggest these tools to their customers for optimizing their projects with efficacy. This is usually the case in small or mid-sized companies or with freelance – developers who have gained expertise in working with specific tools. It is certainly not right to blame them for following this mode of operation. In fact, it is prudent to gain specialization in certain areas prior to exploring many areas. It would thus be a formidable option for every beginner to follow this route and use the appropriate tools.

The 10 primary reasons for selecting Prestashop are:

1. Prestashop can be sourced openly and absolutely free of cost
If you are running on a shoe-string budget, then this will perfectly fit your bill. You rather have a solid budget to advertize on Google AdWords, banners and such other media vehicles. After all, penny saved is penny earned.

2. Being SEO friendly, Prestashop is a delight to all the SEO experts
This is one of the mandatory things that ought to be scrutinized prior to selecting tools. It is significant for your shop online to be SEO friendly so as to be freely accessed by commercial search engines. When it comes to making any additions and alterations in the URLs, TITLE tag etc. in Prestashop, it is as easy as a pie. This being so, your SEO specialists will be delighted with the site.

3. Prestashop allows content to be expressed in several languages
Prestashop allows you the benefit of being multilingual so as to avoid the hassles of translating your web store in more than one language.

4. Prestashop can be developed with ease
It is a tool which can be easily developed at an affordable price, within the time specified. Unlike “Magento” developers, the skill for developing Prestashop comes cheap, as it is uncomplicated and can be maintained easily.

5. Prestashop operates speedily and does not have to be run on costly servers
Unlike “Magento”, Prestashop does not rely on too much server resources. This is why we have relocated from a Magento to a Prestashop.

6. Prestashop inherits several modules that are free
Besides saving significantly on your shopping endeavors, you can use this platform for shopping in a jiffy especially when you are on the go.

7. Prestashop comes with themes and free modules
You no longer have to rely on procuring a module or theme for a steep price. Prestashop allows you to enhance your shopping spree by validating the modules and with absolutely no risks taken. You do not have to spend for unique solutions, when you have Prestashop developers fixing bugs with optimal effect so as to give customers a value-for-money experience.

8. Prestashop can be learnt easily
Prestashop does not need an e-commerce specialist to train you on how to use it.

9. Prestashop has a widespread community
If you want to get answers to all your doubts and queries, then all you have to do is to visit the Prestashop forum.

10. Prestashop is progressive in form
Updating Prestashop is very easy and this makes the platform ever so progressive in form. With every new release of update, the platform just gets its revamped improved form. The arena of E-commerce is dynamically evolving and so does Prestashop!

I anticipate that these reasons will have you vouch on the suitability of Prestashop for quenching all your needs 🙂

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